4G LTE: Etisalat Nigeria drags MTN to court over VisaFone

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In interesting news, Etisalat Nigeria has dragged MTN to court over the latter’s acquisition of Visafone. Etisalat is challenging the transaction on the basis that MTN had been declared a dominant operator and the acquisition of Visafone would give it an unfair edge in the broadband market. Etisalat is also asking the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for the basis of of its decision to approve the acquisition.




You will recall that we published a piece that spells out the implications of MTN Nigeria’s acquisition of Visafone. MTN clearly plans to use Visafone’s LTE-compliant spectrum to deploy broadband services ahead of other mobile operators.


  1. I believe Etisalat is crying foul unnecessarily, unless they can prove a case of anti competition moves on MTN’s part,nothing stopped them from buying over Visafone if they had offered the right price..

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