The build up to the launch of the Infinix Zero 2 was full of hype, glamour and social media campaigns. All over social media. The

Speed that Kills: Infinix Zero 2 Review

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The build up to the launch of the Infinix Zero 2 was full of hype, glamour and social media campaigns. All over social media. The Next Hero, from Zero to Hero, ‘Kevlar this, Kevlar that’ were common acronyms we were getting conversant with.

Infinix Zero 2

The launch event – in which we were present – was also a grand occasion all in honor of this Zero 2 flagship. The Infinix Zero 2 is a successor to the highly successful breakthrough Infinix Zero. Coming with face lifts in almost all ramifications. Does this device live up to the hype, Is this the mobile Hero we noble brethren yearn for?

Looking at its key features:

  • 5.0 – inch HD AMOLED display, with 720 × 1280 pixels (294 PPI) with Gorilla Glass 3
  • Android KitKat 4.4.2
  • MediaTek MT6592 chipset with octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex and 2 GB of RAM.
  • 13 MP Autofocus camera with LED flash, pixel count 3120 x 4160 pixels and Video recording of 1080p.
  • 5 MP 85 degree wide-angle, front-facing camera, with pixel count 2560 x 1920 pixels and 480p video recording.
  • Fully partitioned 32 GB internal storage ( 27 GB usable).
  • Dual SIM support, Both Micro-SIM, 3G switchable, and hot swapping.
  • 2300mAh battery, Non-removeable.

Main Disadvantages

  • Mediocre battery life.
  • Non-removable battery.

Read the full detailed Infinix Zero 2 full specifications , as well as our Infinix Zero 2 Hands on experience.

Hardware and Design:

The Infinix Zero 2 is a very interesting piece of hardware. First you notice that it’s unbelievably slim. Far. Slimmer that it’s predecessor and the sides have a smooth metal finishing.Infinix Zero 2- Left and RightInfinix Zero 2-Top and Bottom

The front offers you HD AMOLED screen with scratch resistant Gorilla glass 3, and front facing 5 MP camera. At the top you see the micro USB port and 3.5 mm earphone jack. The left hand side carries the Dual SIM tray while on the right hand side bears, the micro SD card slot, volume rockers and power button, in that order.

The bottom side features the external microphone and speakers. We like the positioning of speakers such that leaving the phone on a surface doesn’t block off sound. The back side is made of ‘bullet proof’ Kevlar material.

Infinix Zero 2 - Bezel

The bezels on the upper and lower sides are too big. This device has onscreen buttons which is cool, but it’s bad that the bezel on the lower part is just empty. Since we have onscreen buttons the lower bezel should’ve just been eliminated or reduced in the the best way possible.

Software and Display UI:

The Infinix Zero 2 shipped Android KitKat 4.4.2 on board. After first boot an OTA update popped up with a few bug fixes. This phone comes with an updated form of Aliyun OS , dark themed with a revamped new look icons. And very appealing to the eyes, far better improved from what we have seen in previous Infinix models.

Infinix Zero 2 Software

Here we have a 5 inch AMOLED HD display with a resolution of 720 x 1280. The display is super crisp and sharp. Viewing angles is superb, Sunlight legibility is great. The on screen buttons somewhat takes up some part of the screen.


The 13 MP camera of the Infinix Zero 2 is super sharp. The sensor takes in lots of detail even in dark areas the flash does just fine. One peculiar thing here, in low light conditions and with flash turned off, the camera still manages to come up with fine images.

Here we have a 5 MP 85 degree wide-angle front camera. Plenty heads can be accommodated in a selfie. Picture resolutions appear in 2560 x 1920 pixels. Awesome!


Music playback is great on the Infinix Zero 2. The volume is loud and clear. The default music player has a nice interface with sound effects feature. Watching videos here is really cool not forgetting the HD AMOLED display. We were able watch 1080p videos smoothly and hassle free.

Infinix Zero 2-Music


Multitasking /Performance:

Now here’s the sweetest part of the Infinix Zero 2. This phone is fast, everything is fast, one touch in a twinkle of an eye it responds. See the results of the Antuntu and Quadrant tests.

Infinix Zero 2 Performance


Battery life:

The Infinix Zero 2 has an average battery life. With 2 SIM cards installed, steady 3G, 4 hours of hotspot, 2 hours movie playback we were able to churn out approximately 8 hours before the phone gave up. In simple English, if you’re a heavy phone user, you need a power bank by your side if you want this phone to last a whole day. You can choose to activate the inbuilt power save mode to churn out extra hours.


Delving around the settings we noticed you can actually change fonts on this phone without even rooting. If Gesture controls is your thing, be glad because there are lots of available options you can customize to your taste. USB OTG works smoothly, Call clarity is OK. The SIM slot is hot swappable – this means you can swap/change your SIM cards without having to reboot your device.

Infinix Zero 2 Miscellanous


Final Words:

The Infinix Zero 2 can be likened to a fast sports car that runs at the speed of light while consuming loads of fuel. Or like a young man that hustled to have everything, and literally running faster than his shadow. We already know the consequences.

This device is uber-slim, uber-sexy, uber-fast, with uber- sweet camera. If you care less about battery life then for you, this is a match made in heaven.



  1. Please, how does a non-removable battery classify as a disadvantage? iPhones don’t have removable batteries, the HTC Ones don’t have removable batteries, and a lot of manufacturers are starting to adopt that feature. It’s not like you want to use desktop charger to charge it na! SO PLEASE tell me how a non-removable battery is a disadvantage.

  2. I wouldn’t buy any phone with a non removable battery,it may be a psychological thing but the battery being the most likely part of the phone to fail over time,I like to know that I have the ability to change it whenever,if ever..

  3. That’s still not a reason. If his reason is because he has the option to change it, why don’t you buy a tablet with a removable battery? Your reason holds no water.
    The quality of batteries in the last few years has improved a lot. It’s not like back then when we were always looking for original Nokia battery.
    I stand by my point that non-removable battery isn’t a disadvantage.

  4. Such a good review.Makes me want to buy one.I don’t believe that non removable battery is an issue.

  5. Thank you so much Mr Mobility for this review.. All the questions I have are answered and the phone has what I want- Speed, Smartness, Durability and affordability.

    I have just one question
    Does this phone come with HotKnot, OTA and WLAN and The “Wake Up” option in the Hot note or whatever they call it…

    Thanks a lot

  6. Which costs more to replace?
    What do you do when your phone with an inbuilt batteries falls into water?
    What do you do when your phone hangs? (long pressing power button doesn’t work on all phones)

    You need to stop arguing pointlessly.
    Its not a disadvantage. Okay what is it? An advantage? A feature?

  7. @common sense. What do you do when all the above mentioned happens to your tablet? Do the same to the phone. I hope you understand now.

  8. Na waa o… The kind irony wey una dey deal with for this removable battery ish na something.

    Tell it to the iPhone, Sony, HTC and lately Samsung of world that removable batteries is what you would die for.

    I can’t seem to recollect the last time my phone hanged and became totally unresponsive, when una no go let 512MB RAM sef rest small.

    Replacing an original battery costs the same be it removable or non removable, N150 chinco battery don spoil us. Who keeps a phone for soo long that he needs to change batteries sef. Except the battery don spoil by the way we charge and discharge them, a battery will last 2 years (about 500 charge and discharge cycles)

    Don’t blame the OEMs for dropping your phone inside water o. How phone take reach inside bathroom? You know, our phones are like babies, and some babies like water.

  9. I loved the review.The removeable battery issue is simply a matter of preference.My last phone(a Nokia Lumia) had a non removeable and i had a few issues with that;not because the phone was bad but because the was a smartphone.They are people who never use their smartphones to half their capabilities & they definitely wouldn’t have a problem if they cant flip a cover & eject the battery in seconds.Phones who have a nonremoveable battery are actually removeable but can only be done by someone who knows how to properly unassemble the device in question.

  10. Hi,
    Why does my zero 2 shut down by itself for minutes before restarting? Checked the settings option, My device isn’t set to reboot automatically. Plus, only the speaker on the right part of the phone works. Is this normal?

  11. i have been trailing on infinix zero 2 of 32gb but always sold out…where can i get it pls?


  12. Please go for Lenovo K3 note, it’s far better than any chinko phone in addition to the so called infinix zero 2 which do not have a good camera.

  13. Hello Attahiru, is the Lenovo K3 Note not Chinese? Don’t be surprised the camera on the Infinix Zero 2 maybe better than what you have on the Lenovo K3 Note

  14. Chinese is different from chinco o… Lol. I’ve handled both phones and the Lenovo K3 Note color reproduction is better.

  15. My infinix zero 2 shuts down automatically when not in use. The phone is just 2weeks old. pls what could be the fault?

  16. Did you install many apps on the device? How many GB SD card did you insert in it? I’ll suggest you run a factory reset on the phone.

  17. Have just bought this phone, left speaker not working, everything else perfect, though disappointed by the speaker, is there a solution for this maybe in settings??

  18. Please admin I have an issue I’d like you to respond to as soon as u can. I recently bought the infinix zero 2 phone with 32gb ram and I updated it when I put it on and saw there was an OTA update. But the problem is I can’t find the hot knot ability on my phone. Please do you have any advice you can give? Thanks in advance

  19. I even prefer non removable battery. My only question is…is the zero2 camera better that the first infinix zero camera?? Pls reply

  20. Yes… I’m using the phone and it’s normal because it is only one speaker that works on Mine also but the only problem I have with it is the Fact that after some time, the display of the phone becomes unresponsive… No display, although calls can come in but would be unable to pick up except otherwise, the phone is rebooted… Any help??

  21. You are told of Unremovable battery & Battery life as an Disadvantage
    Wot about ‘Sensor indicated flash light’ that is not in the phone
    In fact u may not understand till u have urs

  22. My infinix zero 32GB goes blank occasionally and back on in some minutes time. Some complains are similar to mine. What’s up with the hanging?

  23. Now
    Another problem has come
    My Infinix Zero 2 is now detecting no Sim card all most 15 times in a day and later fixed by its self
    As long as its happened my Internet will now diactivetated when I’m using it
    Also it affecting even when I’m in a call
    What do I do now?

  24. Pls. I bought infinix zero 2 just two weeks ago and am experiencing an automatic ‘screen off’ it goes off and comes back again and within say 5 to 10 mins. I don’t understand that pls. What’s causing that?

  25. what are this complaints… I hear about infinix hot 2.. Am planning to get the device but these complaint aint encouraging

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