You just bought a new Android phone and are excited about it. Because you are social, you quickly install Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media


12 tricks to speed up your smartphone in less than 3 minutes

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You just bought a new Android phone and are excited about it. Because you are social, you quickly install Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media accounts. You also download some games and apps from Google Play store. Everything is still running smooth and fine. But all of a sudden, not up to 3 months after, everything changes. Is there a way to speed up your smartphone once this happens?


speed up your smartphone in less than 3 minutes

Your once fast and responsive phone has developed a mind of its own. You tap and tap the screen before it responds to you. This must be a malware attack, you said to yourself. Hey! There is no need to panic. What you are experiencing is normal and you are not alone.


While you might get advice from friends telling you that the problem is malware and that you need to format the phone, do not jump into that. Formatting your phone should be a last resort – something you do when all else has failed. This is so, especially if you have important files that you don’t want to lose.

Speed up your smartphone in 3 minutes

Follow these easy and simple tricks to speed up your phone in less 3 minutes. This post is especially for Android device but can be applied to other smartphones.

  • Know when the problem started

The first step is to identify when the problem started. Did it start after installing a certain app from Google play store or another source? If the problem started after installing an app, there is %80 possibility that the problem is with the app. Maybe it contains a malware to still your valuable information thus causing your phone to do double work by running on the background so the best thing to do is to uninstall the app and restart your phone immediately.

  • Get a micro-SD card

Some people have the habit of using the phone memory to store up everything on their phone including high-quality videos and other files. The fact is that your phone needs some specs to perform well. So the best thing is to try and get extra SD card because most Android phones have a slot for micro-SD card.

If your phone inbuilt memory is not up to 32GB-64GB get an external SD card and move most of your files/Apps to external memory that way you will free up some specs and give room to more app that can only be installed on the phone memory.

  • Clear cached data

Go to your phone settings, tap on storage and hit the Clear cached data. It will clear the cached data in all apps thus speeding up the phone.

  • Uninstall unwanted apps and other files

There is no need of leaving apps you rarely use on your phone. Try and check your phone apps and see if you have any apps that you don’t really need. Like Facebook app that comes pre-installed on most Smartphones. Since you prefer the Facebook lite the most, uninstall the other one and gives specs for others. You can also uninstall other pre-loaded apps on your Smartphone or you can disable them from running.

Delete those videos you have already watched, that music that you no longer listens to and photos that have to stay up to 6 months on your phone. You can upload them to your Facebook or Instagram if you so much like the photo.

  • Keep your home screen simple

I love keeping my phone home screen simple. Instead of bringing all the apps on your phone into your home screen is better to select the more important ones like Camera, Contacts, your favorite browser app and call. You can always access any app you want to open within some few seconds using the right launcher by just hitting the search bar after typing in the name.

  • Reduce multitasking

Multitasking is the process of running more than one apps at the same times. Instead of minimizing facebook to log in to Instagram, or minimizing a sensitive game just for you to turn on your data and access the internet it will be wise to close one app before opening another. This method will be more important if your phone has 1GB or 2GB RAM.

  • Always turn off your data and restrict background data

Data always on is the primary cause of phone doing double work in the process leading to lagging or slow in performance especially when your phone is updating an app on a background. This method will also save your data. to restrict background data, go to setting, data usage, and tap at the three dots on the right side of your phone screen and tap on restrict background data.

  • Update your phone’s software

In most cases, the problem will automatically solve itself after updating your software. So make sure your software is up to date and try to keep apps up to date especially the high demanding ones like Google Play store App, social media App, and your browser.

  • Avoid anti-virus app

Follow this advice at your own peril. But in my personal experience, most anti-virus app that claims to clean up our smartphone end up running in background, and slowing down your phone, especially when installing a new app. As a rule, uninstalling your anti-virus app will automatically speed up your smartphone. Nevertheless, if you can’t do without antivirus look for the trusted one among them like Avast-antivirus or master cleaner.

  • Use Chrome Browser

I’m not asking you to abandon your favorite browser but recommending chrome browser because Chrome has data save mode that helps to compress image and video when viewing or reading text online. This method will also save your data and increase your browsing speed. Go to Chrome, tap on the 3 dots menu, and scroll down to a setting, tap on data saver and toggle the option on.

  • Root your Phone

When I was using 1GB RAM phone, rooting was the only thing that gave me a better experience of the phone. Note that when you root your phone, you’ll void the warranty. But it will give you more room to increase the phone ROM that can run smooth and speed up the phone performance than the initial stage.

  • Reset your Phone to factory setting

This is the last resort. A factory reset will bring your phone back to its original stage. Before you reset your phone, make sure you back up your important files and data to avoid losing them. To factory reset your phone, go to setting, backup $ reset, and tap on the factory reset option.


Do you have any other tricks to speed up your smartphone and increase its performance? Share with us and keep the ball rolling.

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  2. Thanks for all these info, it’s really helpful. The only concern here is the background data restriction, when switch it off, you don’t automatically receive notifications on your phone, you need to manually open your apps to know if you have any messages

  3. Yes, you won’t receive any notifications and that’s the only disadvantage. But I love it that way. No annoying notifications from whatsapp until you open the app.

  4. Lol. Is like you have the habit of leaving your data on right. To me this is for the rich oh. I can’t leave my data on when I’m not using the phone to browse. It won’t only sap your data but also drain your battery.

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