Spend your alone time with A-Bot for Android

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The objective here is simple, when you feel bored, idle, or wanna spend some alone time. Simply pickup one of the 3 personalities here and get entertained with some fun chats about anything and everything.

A-Bot (2)-horz
Here’s a screenshot of our chats, see the funny responses I got while chatting with Alpha

A-Bot n1-horz

The two major drawbacks with A-BOT:

  • With prolonged conversation, you realize this is just a robot.
  • The app works strictly with internet connection.

These aside, it’s a cool way to while away time.

Download A-BOT from here


  1. Kinda like “Talking Tom”, I guess, but that one doesn’t need an internet connection.

  2. hmmn… busy man!!! me neither tho, why would I want to be chatting with a bot?

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