Imagine the smallest and cutest Bluetooth loudspeaker you have ever seen, but that does more than just play your media. Imagine a theft alarm and

Spider Designs Ice Cube Wireless Speaker Review

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Imagine the smallest and cutest Bluetooth loudspeaker you have ever seen, but that does more than just play your media. Imagine a theft alarm and a wireless shutter button for your smartphone camera. If that piques your interest, you will enjoy reading this Spider Designs Ice Cube wireless speaker review.

The first thing that will catch your attention is the size of this thing. It is so small that you can attach a lanyard and hang it from your neck and you will forget that it is there. Here is a picture of the Spider Designs Ice Cube next to a portable mi-fi to give you an idea of its size:

It is small; right? Very small.

Pairing With Your Phone

Pairing the Ice Cube with your smartphone is simple. Press and hold the circular power button on the top of the device till it powers on, then search for it in your phone’s Bluetooth menu and pair.

After pairing, you will be able to take phone calls on it, listen to media audio, use it as an input device (this is for the camera shutter functionality), as well as share contacts with it. I disabled the last one in my phone’s Bluetooth connection settings. I mean….

There is one more important step if the Ice Cube Bluetooth connection is not to create problems for you when you want to type using the on-screen keyboard on your phone. Because the phone sees the Spider Designs Ice Cube as an input device i.e. a physical keyboard, it immediately overrides your phone’s keyboard.

Swipe down your Android notification menu and tap on the “Physical keyboard” prompt there and make sure you selct “Show virtual keyboard”. This will keep your on-screen keyboard active while the Ice Cube is paired. If you do not enable it, every time you want to type, your keyboard will not come up because the phone is expecting input from the Cube.

Once you have carried out this step, you are good to go.

As a Bluetooth Speaker

The Ice Cube is cute, but it is not a very loud speaker and does not have deep audio either. Which is no surprise. The laws of physics. It is possible to get great audio on portable speakers, but not at this size. At least, not today. perhaps technology will improve in the next 20 years to break that barrier.

Do not expect the Ice Cube to be any louder than your phone’s built in loudspeaker. That is the best you will get out of it.

Spider Designs Ice Cube Wireless Speaker As A Camera Shutter

Launch your smartphone camera, point it at the subject you want to capture and press the Ice Cube’s power button. Picture taken. It works for both rear and selfie cameras.

Spider Designs Ice Cube Wireless Speaker As An Anti-theft Alarm

As an anti-theft alarm, the Ice Cube will raise a loud alarm if your phone gets out of its range. Bluetooth range is about 10 metres. It could be less depending on circumstances. So, if you have this in your bag or around our neck and someone starts making away with your smartphone, an alarm is triggered. That can be useful.

Spider Designs Ice Cube Wireless Speaker is an interesting little gadget, and one that was easy to fall in love with. It isn’t a great Bluetooth speaker. However, it more than makes up for that with its compact size and other features.

It sells for Rs.1,499.00, which is about N8,000, if you are interested in picking one up. It is available on various online stores.

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