Spider-Man Unlimited on Windows Phone is awesome!

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I have been a fan of Spider-Man since my early primary school days, building up a large collection of The Amazing SpiderMan and The Spectacular SpiderMan comic books. The latter was my preference. Don’t ask me why. But growing up hasn’t worn off my love for Spidey. I am still a fan. I have watched Spidey TV cartoons, seen Spidey movies, and played Spidey games on mobile.

I am not heavy on mobile gaming, but give me a SpiderMan game and I’m a happy bunny. In the past, I have played SpiderMan: Total Mayhem on iPhone, and SpiderMan: Total Mayhem HD on Symbian. A few days ago, I read the announcement of a new Spidey game being available for Windows Phone, and I immediately went to download it.

SpiderMan Unlimited WP - Play

The game supports push notifications, lets you select add events, and new team members. Surprise! Surprise! Nick Fury is in there, acting as Spidey’s mission supervisor as he goes head-to-head against various super villains.

SpiderMan Unlimited WP - Nick Fury

You need to dodge different explosives and obstacles as you go. You have to learn moves for different occasions – slide, jump, swing, etc, or you will not be getting far.

SpiderMan Unlimited WP - Go

Once you learn those moves, the game is pure fun all the way and you can punch, hit and knock out villains with some really cool moves.

SpiderMan Unlimited WP - action

The graphics, animations and special effects are really cool. The storyline is nice too. There are rewards for meeting targets and completing various missions.

SpiderMan Unlimited WP - Mission Successful

When you complete one issue, you will be able to download new issues, so you have some new storyline to play to. In Issue 1, I battled the Goblin and gave him quite a whacking. I haven’t had the time to go up against the vulture in Issue 2.

SpiderMan Unlimited WP - New Issue Download

On the Lumia 930, Spider-Man Unlimited plays smoothly without a hiccup. The app is 91MB in size and works for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8. I am unsure whether this game will play on devices with 512MB RAM, but do share in the comments section if you have any info on that.

Download Spider-Man Unlimited from the Windows Phone Store


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