SpiderMan: Total Mayhem on the iPhone 3GS

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The iPhone has always been touted for its gaming platform. The appstore has been reported as being populated more with games than any other class of apps.

This evening, I went downloading free apps from the appstore. In addition to Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Dropbox and ReaddleDocs, I thought to try out one or two games. I chose Angry Birds (which I enjoyed tremendously on the Nokia N900) and SpiderMan: Total Mayhem.

While I haven’t played Angry Birds on the 3GS yet, I have been unable to stop being Spider Man. In summary, I have spent the last 30 minutes or so leaping, spinning webs, and swashbuckling bad guys. I am reliving my primary school days fantasies – and this is better than any comic book that I ever read.

A couple of screenshots:

spiderman 2

And here is what I am (after beating up some major bad guys):


The Mini Game option is free, and you can enjoy the full glory of the game by purchasing the full version.

My son is hooked too, as he is as much a fan of Spiderman as I am. The graphics rendering, especially the special effects, is simply awesome. Gameplay is very good. In a few minutes, I was comfortable with the game. And now, I fear I will become a mobile game junkie.

Excuse me while I go another round as Spidey!

SPIDER-MAN: Total Mayhem is brought to you on iOS by Gameloft.


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  1. This is really cool, cant wait to go play Angry Bird on the iPad.
    Get me thinking about geting one for myself.

  2. @Bosun99uk
    Will all the attendant issues and cost?
    You’ll get one just because of a game?
    Come on, buy youself an iPod touch. Afterall, thats what Yomi has now till yr 3000.

  3. Aha! Slowly but surely you are catching the iFever. Now you see why iPhone users stick to their devices despite the few drawbacks (bluetooth, mms e.t.c) and the negative publicity.

    Some apps you may also like;

    1 cPanel
    2 iFile
    3 FTPOnTheGo
    4 DocsToGo
    5 iBlueTooth
    6 Cycoder

    Mind you not all of them are free, but most of them have lite versions.

  4. Gaming to me, is a MUST on a mobile device. You should also consider;

    Goodreader—a PDF/HTML/WORD and other format viewer
    CNN app
    Engadget app
    Metal Gear Solid (MSG)….game
    Countries LE…A free encyclopedia on countries
    Aqua moto lite… Free speeed boat racing game
    bbc news
    PS Express (Photoshop), To edit pics and graphics

    Try these for now. If you were into Medicine, there are more than 2 dozen more of my OWN best!

  5. IG, thanks. Only Cpanel has a lite version, and that is too lite.

    Anyway, this is a review unit and will be gone as soon as I am done reviewing it. As such, I can’t go on a spending spree in the AppStore.


  6. @IG,
    Few drawbacks? Those aren’t few drawbacks when you consider how much you shell out to buy the device. They are HUGE drawbacks.

    In any case, you only get iFever when you have too much money at hand and you lust after Steve Jobs and his toys. Repent for the kingdom is at hand. The kingdom where you have good choices at great prices. We can all hear the herald…(Etisalat and its Galaxy for example)

  7. Hi yomi, i thought you did not care much about games on mobil phones, anyway when you where reviewing the n900 you left out the gaming experience on that device why, please tell us about angry birds, bounce evolution and all the emulators you might have installed on the n900 (thats if you remember what it felt like to play those games)

  8. @Yomi

    You should consider a program on Cydia(Not Appstore called installous. I don’t really want to say what is does, but you can google how to install it. A friend of mine told me about it two weeks ago.

  9. @deoladoctor, we all have the rights to our opinions. But one thing I fail to understand is why people think that you need to be a Steve Jobs worshiper to use an apple device. It reminds me of computer geeks that consider you among the bad guys if you use Microsoft technologies.

    Personally I can live without out-of-the-box bluetooth and mms. Maybe some people can’t, then the iPhone is not for them. It’s a big enough world that can accommodate us all. For example I use a desktop OS that comes with a complete office suite out-of-the-box unlike Windows. But I hear same Windows users complaining that the iPhone doesn’t come with everything out-of-the-box. Do you see the irony?

    I think the blind criticism is as bad as the fanboyism.

    Repent for the kingdom is at hand

    I do not plan to repent. In fact I am planning to soon commit more sin by installing Android on my iPhone. 🙂

  10. Hi yomi, i thought you did not care much about games on mobil phones, anyway when you where reviewing the n900 you left out the gaming experience on that device why, please tell us about angry birds, bounce evolution and all the emulators you might have installed on the n900 (thats if you remember what it felt like to play those games)

    Funny, I had screenshots from both Bounce Evolution and Angry Birds on the N900 prepared for a review of gaming on that device. I guess it simply escaped me.

    In one sentence: gaming on the Nokia N900 was sweet. I didn’t install any emulators, and the only games I played on it are the two mentioned. I spent hours with both games. The graphics on Bounce evolution was awesome.

    After a while, Angry Bird just gets tiring for me. I guess the lack of rushing adrenaline style action is responsible for that. Even on the 3GS now, I am tried of Angry Birds already and spend more time with Spiderman.

  11. @IG
    Point noted. But please not more sins. If you put android on that thing, even steve jobs will become an avenging angel. You may have an unstable iPhone and end up like Yomi woth an iPhone ipod touch.

  12. @IG, WEll Said! It is not bad to like a good thing!

    Perhaps we should also criticize Windows Desktop OS and claim open SOurce Linux, Like Ubuntu is the best. iOS is by far the best OS I have ever used.

  13. deoladoctor,

    Your last comment indicates you submitted it with a Samsung Wave. I’m guessing that’s the baby you won from Mobility Nigeria’s WIN-a-Smartphone promo 😉

    Can you kindly post on under the article announcing winners (here’s the link: Smartphone Show October 2010 recap – and Promo Winners!) a testimonial that you did get your prize? We’d appreciate that for the benefit of the general public.

    @Afewgoodmen: we would appreciate your testimonial too.

  14. @Yomi
    I noticed that i didnt receive any comments via email yesterday, pls help check it out i missed alot of info.

  15. @Yomi

    You are very correct. It was posted with my new pet bada courtesy of mobilitynigeria. I’ve also posted on the win-a-smartphome promo winner post. Believe me when I tell you I spent almost 30 minutes posting just one post. Am not used to the new sweet baby yet. Just got is yesterday. Lots of typo etc. How I wish it could come with a side sliding qwerty.

    To all at mobilitynigeria, I say a BIG THANK YOU.

    Your honesty and integrity is never in question. Your transparency is exceptional.

    Thank you once again.

    Ps. Afewgoodmen almost fainted when he got his prize.(Do not say I tell you)

  16. @deoladoctor
    just thinking
    am used to sharing files via bluetooth, using microsd on the go and so on.
    But the ipad still got me wishing.

  17. deoladoctor,

    We are delighted that you got your device and love it too. As mentioned in my mail to you, you guys haven’t seen anything yet. We are just getting warmed up.

    Ps. Afewgoodmen almost fainted when he got his prize.(Do not say I tell you)

    You don’t say!

  18. Bosun99uk, I checked and your email is in the list. Post notifier is also still active. Let’s see how it goes the next time that an article is published.

  19. Sorry for posting this here, but I have been on the Nokia 5230 since yesterday. Should I reveal that I didn’t sleep? Wink.

    Thanks Yomi and all at Mobility Nigeria.

    And Deoladoctor, I HEARD (Read) WHAT YOU SAID!

  20. @Lucky

    Angry Birds No, this SpiderMan No, but if you search Ovi Store you should see another Spider man game.

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