Question: Which of these two Blackberry smartphones would you recomend for me between BB 9780 & BB 9800 in terms of battery life screen resolution,

Spoilt for Choice: BlackBerry 9780 or 9800?

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Question: Which of these two Blackberry smartphones would you recomend for me between BB 9780 & BB 9800 in terms of battery life screen resolution, weight, Facebook integration, etc

9780 9800

The two Berries in this comparison have the same processor (624 MHz), camera (5 megapixel), and connectivity options. One significant difference is the internal storage of the devices. The 9780 has a meagre 256 MB of space while the 9800 has 4 GB storage built-in. Both of them have a microUSB slot though, so you can expand your storage.

Lets look at the areas specified by the enquirer:
Battery Life: The 9780 has a 1500mAh battery while the 9800 has a smaller capacity 1300mAh battery. Touch displays generally also consume more power than non-touch displays, so you can imagine that in terms of battery consumption, with similar usage patterns the 9780 (also with the smaller screen) will last longer on a full charge than the 9800.

Screen Resolution: This is a draw, as both devices have similar specs here. The 9780 has a 480 x 360 pixel display measuring 2.44 inches, while the 9800 has a 360 x 480 pixel display measuring 3.2 inches. The significant difference is that the 9800’s display is larger.

Weight: 9780 weighs 121g; 9800 weighs 161g.

Facebook Integration: Facebook integration is similar on both devices. Both run BlackBerry OS 6.0 and so have the same app versions for Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo messenger et al running. The user experience will differ slightly because the 9780 has a non-touch display while the 9800 is touchscreen, but in all integration is similar.

Our Recommendations
The differences are not earth-shattering. If battery life is more important to you, the 9780 is the sure device to go for. It is also more compact and lighter to carry, but gives you a slightly smaller display than the 9800.

If however, you find a 2.4-inch display a tad too small, are into touchscreens, or really need to make a statement, go splurge the cash on the more expensive 9800.

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  1. 9780 it is, better battery life and it runs same innards on a smaller screen.

    The 9800 is like an unfinished product. I don’t really like the fact that the screen is not Gorilla or any special glass.

    You might also want to wait for the announcement from the Blackberry Event coming up soon.

  2. Thanks a lot guys I finally went for the bold 9780.Battery life to me was much more important and moreover I do not like touch screen phones.Maybe I will in future probably with Nokia’s windows phone 7

  3. I’d go with the 9800 torch, in my opinion it does the 9780 one better by adding a touch screen in the mix. with a decent form factor like that dressed in all white

  4. I think the 9800 works better for me. I’ve seen the two devices and currently own the BB 9800. The screen size, the dual input capability(touch and qwerty keyboard) and the “class” thats comes with carrying the 9800 makes it my choice. All these come at a detriment to my pocket though.

  5. Am in a fix between Nokia N8 and Bold 9780 – Can somebody help please.

    What I want from a smartphone include:

    1. Battery life
    2. Internet on the go (like i do with my laptop while in the office)
    3. Few games
    4. Few music
    5. few pictures
    6. Handy and durable life span (undermining usage)

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