Mobile Gambling in Africa: Sports Betting sets the pace

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A GeoPoll survey conducted in March 2017 among about 4,000 young people in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania reveals that mobile gambling in Africa is off to a start. In addition, the key focus is sports betting. Which should be no surprise. The African continent is powered by mobile phones and huge on sports. Make any service available on mobile and there is likely to be a significant uptake.

Snapshot of Mobile Gambling in Africa

According to the poll, younger people in Sub-Saharan Africa are betting primarily on football – on their mobile phones. Here are key highlights from the survey:

  1. Kenya leads the pack of top sports betting countries in Africa
  2. Mobile gambling is becoming popular among male African Millennials in Sub-Saharan Africa due to their high affinity towards sports and the proliferation of local players.
  3. Only 3 percent of youth consumers in Sub-Saharan Africa spend on gambling.
  4. A majority are spending less than USD50 per month on mobile gambling
  5. A majority have never won any amount above $50
  6. Thanks to the love for football, sports betting is the most preferred
  7. South Africans are the odd lot, preferring lotteries to football, casino, racing and poker
  8. Outside of Kenya where betting happens mostly weekly, on the average, young people around Africa bet only once a month.

mobile gambling in Africa

Mobile Gambling in Africa

The GeoPoll report says that the mobile phone has become the most convenient tool for gamblers in Africa. 75% of those who bet do so with their mobile phones. 96% of gambling in Kenya is vi mobile phones. While South Africa has the continent’s highest mobile penetration, mobile gambling takes only 48% of the gambling pie.

Here are screenshots with more insights from the survey:

Kenyans Bet The Most

mobile gambling in africa kenyans betting

Sports Betting Leads

sports betting in africa - football betting

Mobile phones have become the African Las Vegas. Football betting and the popularity of English football leagues continue to grow in a symbiotic way with a growing youth population that continues to be defined by its uptake of technology. Although the stakes are not yet high, all the signs are there of a steady and unfettered domination of sports entertainment and gambling in sub-Saharan Africa.

Mobile gambling in Africa is clearly still in its early days. But it is a phenomenon that is going to gain ground. In Nigeria, for example, there is a huge proliferation of mobile gambling and sports betting services everywhere one turns.


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  1. I wonder how these same countries will deal with the fall out of gambling addiction as a result?

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