Will Spotify for Windows Phone transit to Windows 10 Mobile?

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Microsoft’s smartphone platform has been struggling for air. Windows Phone has dropped into insignificance in the global smartphone market, leaving the brawl to Android and iOS. Microsoft’s introduction of Windows 10 Mobile – with all of its attractions – has not reversed the tide. But at least, several major app developers have kept their Windows Phone apps active. Spotify for Windows Phone has been one of them.

However, that has just changed. The development team has announced that Spotify for Windows Phone has been placed in maintenance mode. In layman’s language, it means that users should not expect any new features or improvements on the app. The only thing thing the app will get are critical security updates.

Spotify For Windows Phone

If you own a Windows smartphone, you will be able to download the app from the Windows Store and use it on your phone, but it will not get any further improvements that the Android and iOS apps get from now. What it means is that eventually, the app will become redundant and die away.

Life After Spotify for Windows Phone

Microsoft is pushing Universal Apps and universal app creating tools on all fronts. The whole idea behind Microsoft’s push is that developers can now build a single piece of software that works on both Windows PCs and smartphones. It is a smart move. Some developers have jumped in. They include giants like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter, among others. But so many others are not biting. They are making Windows software without ticking the mobile check boxes.

Is there a Windows 10 app on the way? The Spotify team says that they are in touch with Microsoft to work out the best approach forward. But we have heard such rhetoric before. BBM pulled their Windows Phone app from the Store a long time ago and have kept mum. Till today, it has not been replaced with a Windows 10 version.

Perhaps it is simple economics. Maybe the extra effort (as basic as it is) is just not worth it. After all, Windows smartphones now make up about 0.3% of the global smartphone market. What are the kind of financial returns developers can expect from such a tiny niche?

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