I am adding a Spy Watch to my gadget collection

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Yesterday, I saw an advert for a water-resistant, spy Camera Wrist Watch on Facebook. I knew those gadgets existed, but I have never had a desire to own one. For some reason, gadget lust hit me after reading through the features. “Why should I not own one of these?” I thought to myself. A spy watch should offer lots of opportunities for fun. Harmless fun, to be precise. Let me tell you about the features of the watch.

water-proof spy watch

Waterproof Spy Watch Features

Here is the odd list of features of the spy wrist watch whose ad I saw:

  • water resistance (grade not specified)
  • Small pin-hole camera that supposedly shoots video in 1280 x 960 resolution at 30fps and photos in 1600 x 1200 resolution JPG format
  • records audio only too
  • Built-in 8 GB memory
  • Can be connected to a PC via USB cable (comes included in the pack)
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (capacity not specified)

I hope that the battery life is great. I own one of those watch phones but haven’t used it in months. Having to plug it daily to use it is such a chore. I have to charge my phone, charge my Bluetooth headset, and charge a mifi (sometimes). Adding a wrist watch to the list of gadgets that requires daily charging is not something that I look forward to doing. Such charging palava is why a smartphone will not be a part of my daily life yet. I cannot deal.

The Plan

I am not sure who I will be spying on or why I would want to do any spying at all in the first place. But as a gadget lover, I want one. At least, I can pretend to be James Bond sometimes in the Mobility Arena team meetings and brainstorming sessions. Maybe we can even act a few silly videos around it in and out of the office for your enjoyment.

M James Bond

I will share photos and first impressions when my spy swatch arrives. In the meantime, I need to contact Miss Moneypenny to confirm what my secret agent code-name is. Actually, I am convinced that ad was a coded message from her asking me to come in.

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