Standard Chartered Bank issues Security Alert on Apple Safari

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From Standard Chartered Nigeria’s online banking portal:

A material security flaw has been discovered affecting Apple devices. If you are using an Apple product (desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad), please do not use the built in Safari browser to perform your online banking transactions, especially from public or unsecured Wifi networks (cafes, hotels, public lounges). Apple will release a security patch shortly; please look out for the release and install it promptly. In the meantime, you can use an alternative browser for your Online Banking transactions.


  1. Better be too careful, than be sorry.


    // A material security flaw has been
    discovered affecting Apple devices.//

    Who by, this discovery?

    This purported discovery may be as meaningful as it may be meaningless…depending on who did the discovery…

  2. Matthew Green, a Johns Hopkins cryptography professor in Baltimore, Maryland. The exploit exists across all Apple devices, there is an update that addresses this now, however the Mac update that is supposed to fix this exploit has rendered some Mac unbootable.

    Apple was a bit lax about it, the exploit has been in this devices since 2012, well over 18 months.

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