Starcomms Launches Twitter on SMS

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twitterStarcomms subscribers no longer need internet access in order to tweet. All they need is their Starcomms line and phone. SMS tweets cost N10 per SMS.

To register for the service, send: “reg username password” to 33399.

Anyone tried it out yet?


  1. this is nothing but a publicity stunt that will die a natural death, twitter that a very wrong bandwagon for them to jump on had it been facebook that would have been ok..and it’s a little bit too pricey at 10 naira..

    What their contemporaries abroad are offering is data bundled with their voice service. In the UK they have bundles which offers the customer between 4MB free data per day along with their regular voice services, an operator can use this to their advantage.

    Just like the midnight call thing, an offer of 1 or 2MB free data along with original airtime would really encourage their users to recharge more. particularly peeps that use facebook. and these customers are rewarded with increasing data as their recharge denomination increases

  2. Twitter supersedes facebook as a business tool. A lot of us out here make more money per day from twitter generated leads than we would from facebook in a month.

    I have nothing against facebook as a funtool, but if you mean business, twitter it is.

  3. Why would anyone pay 10N to post 1 tweet? A lot of people wouldn’t use it at that price. They might have to reconsider.

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