Starcomms purchases MTS First Wireless and Multilinks?

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I spoke with one of my clients today and he mentioned having issues with his Starcomms internet connection. According to him, when he called in the error, a staff told him that Starcomms has recently acquired Multilinks and MTS Wireless, and that they were currently upgrading their systems.

This is unconfirmed and the Starcomms staff may not have known what he was talking about.

However, if this is true, perhaps there is hope for CDMA mobile technology in Nigeria after all. That would mean that we have two fairly large CDMA networks on the field – Visafone and Starcomms.

If this is true. IF.

I do know that back in 2010, it was reported in the news that MTS was looking to sell off its spectrum to Starcomms. Also, in 2011, Starcomms was reported in the news as being in talks to acquire Multilinks.

Does anyone have a confirmation of this news? Do share!


  1. if this is going to lead to better services and better network coverage, then it is a good thing

  2. I hope it’s for the better. CDMA network has been nothing to write home about in Nigeria for long.

  3. But, i read in a news paper sometimes last year that Multilinks was acquired by Visafone.

  4. How possible is it for a dying company to buy off a dead one not will all the losses declared by Starcomms? Hmmmmm

  5. CDMA networks in Nigeria need to grow up.

    But i feel Starcomms is still ok

  6. i work with one of the above mentioned and know that there is a merger of the three…not acquisition per se..cos the three companies except multilinks is in dire financial situation..i mean multilinks is better off in terms of finances while starcomms is berra off in terms of customer base…but both companies are worse off in terms of data service. From an insider point of view..i do not think that the coming together/acquisition of the three companies will bring better cdma services to subscribers…three failing or already failed companies????pleaseeeee..

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