I started this blog in 2008 as a platform to share my knowledge of mobile technology and experiences with devices and service. From Mobility Nigeria

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The world of mobiles

I started this blog in 2008 as a platform to share my knowledge of mobile technology and experiences with devices and service. From Mobility Nigeria to what it is today, the growth has been awesome. However, I believe that the time is ripe to let Mobility grow beyond me.

Yes; that time is now.

Mobility is now YOURS!
Having looked at trends across the web, it is my conclusion that this blog can best serve the mobile community by opening it up such that anyone can contribute articles and posts directly on the blog. Many of you are great mobilists in your own right and have rich experiences to share. Now, you are empowered to do so. Mobility becomes richer and of greater benefit to everyone.

Your posts can include your reviews or impressions of your latest phones, or news reports. You can tell the world about that awesome new app you found, or just rave about your favourite mobile OS. If you have problems with something mobile, you can also post to ask for help or to report a complaint about your network operator. You can also put up your used phones for sale.

Mobility empowers you to publish and be read on Africa’s number one mobile blog.

the User-driven blog – Open and free
Basically, I am throwing Mobility open such that everyone is an author. Think of the new Mobility as a user-driven blog. Just like on Facebook, Twitter or any other public social network or forum. Simply register and you can begin to write your articles right away.

Plus, you can log in with your Facebook, Google, WordPress.com, or Yahoo account, if you already have one, in which case you will not need to register an account on Mobility.

You can add a profile picture to your posts automatically using Gravatar, and a brief bio as well. It is yours, and it is free for life.

To Publish
Just click the “Add a Post” button at the top of any page. See below image:

Add new post

If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so with any of the mentioned account details.

Mobility login

The Mobility team will still exercise editorial control over what gets published. This is to ensure that articles on Mobility maintain the quality that readers have been used to. We want original writings of good quality, not rehashes or articles that were simply copied off other websites.

As such, all submitted articles will be reviewed for quality control purposes and edited for clarity before being published. Do not link to pictures on the internet. Instead upload your own pictures (no copyrighted images please).

Draft: While still working on a post, save it as “Draft.” Any post marked as “Draft” will not be reviewed by an editor.

Pending review: When ready to have your article reviewed for publishing, save it as “Pending review.” An editor will act on it.

Comments & Moderation
Like any other network or forum, you will be required to be logged in to post comments. Of course, if you already have a Facebook, Google, Yahoo or WordPress account, you can log in with any of those to do so.

Comments moderation has been disabled. Do feel free to express yourself as it suits you. In very extreme cases of abuse, though, a user may be suspended or banned.

Mister Mo and the Mobility Universe
Just in case you are wondering if this means that Mister Mo is absconding, have no fear. I will continue to post those articles that you enjoy so well. But Mobility becomes richer because now everyone can share free and useful information about mobile technology.

A Quick Summary
– Mobility is now your mobile lifestyle blog
– anyone can register to publish reviews, opinion pieces, complaints or even sell off personal items
– upload original pictures to your posts (no copyrighted material please)
– you can use your Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or WordPress.com details to login
– no more comments moderation

Welcome to the new Mobility blog! Welcome to your blog!


Mister Mo
for: The Mobility Team


  1. Critical Mass Tipping Point CMTP. Awesome catalyst Shukran! While it was thought this great post was automated,unfortunately I was awake to post this response.How I wish I could automate my response.
    You may make this new evolved Mo Blog much Interesting by allowing a voting process by regulars at least to vote who gets suspended and or who gets fried!
    Bless you Sir

  2. OMG! I can’t believe I just read this…….a positive revolution (permit me to say)

    Mr Yomi and the Mobility team, you guys have just made my day 🙂

  3. @Mr Mo. I am having problems signing in through my s2 stock browser and chrome mobile. I didn’t have these problems through opera mini and dolphin HD browser though.

  4. Geez! This is awesome. The Mobility Team has just put a smile on our faces once again. Thanks!

  5. Not bad at all, this finally made me register with the site but on doing so i discovered that my username Johnny was already taken so I go by Johnny and my real name now.

  6. saiddigge,

    The plugin that is used for the mobile site gives dashboard access to only the site admin.

    If you must post on mobile, you can use a WordPress app. Apps are available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Belle.

  7. been trying to register like for eternity now… Dont really knw how it works plus I dont even know hw I am posting this comment right now…. Pls can someone show if I can recieve email alerts on follow up of my comments here?

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