State of Android report for March: Lollipop rises to the top !!

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As always, Google has released the state of Android report for the new month. Trends have changed in the past few months, and it is interesting to see significant shuffles in the Android ecosystem. Most notable is the rise of Lollipop to become the most used Android version.

Android-report-March (2)
According to the table, Lollipop now commands 36.1% of Android users, while KitKat has dropped to 34.3%. Jelly Bean still commands a number of users as it sits on 22.3% .It is also good to see that Marshmallow adoption has risen to 2.3%, which means that people are gradually updating their devices.

Android Froyo is still representing with 0.1%, you can view further details of this report by checking the source link.


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