How to stay sane using the internet in Nigeria

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Using Internet in Nigeria

Internet users in Nigeria are very familiar with the general epileptic nature of those services. It isn’t as bad as what obtains with electricity, but it is no fun when your internet connection acts up in the middle of trying to beat a deadline.

My friend, Kathleen, had her fair share of trouble recently, and has a golden nugget to share with everyone:

Woe unto you if you work online in Nigeria and have no backup internet connection.

By all means, get a backup. If possible, ensure that one of your options is a wireless ISP, so you have one mobile internet connection (from one of the GSM networks) and an ISP proper. If you can afford it. But by all means, have a backup.


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  1. I remember such an episode I witnessed last week. I tried using my work wifi and realised it was down. I switched to my Smile modem. It was also down.
    After some jitters about not being able to beat my deadlines, I suddenly remembered I had data on my MTN line in my ipad. Quickly, I switched on my hotspot and tethered my laptop to it. And so, I survived to fight another day.
    Bottomline, any internet connection in Nigeria can mess up at any time. It is wise to always have 1 or more backup(s).

  2. this is good advice for anyone using the internet anywhere, especially for commercial and critical uses, backups are a necessity, not an option. as per the Nigerian situation, it’s imperative even for casual/personal users. I use Spectranet (Nights, Weekends & Public Holidays) and etisalat for mobile OTG between the house and the office. also have MTN in my other phone, but I rarely use it for data unless as a backup when etisalat is down for an extended period

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