Stealth Audio Player plays audio from the earpiece

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There are two ways to play music on your smartphone: through the speaker or using headphones. However, these methods will not help you if you want to listen to sounds without someone else hearing them. What if you need to listen to an audio track when you don’t have earphones and do not want to use the speaker? Luckily for us, XDA member Usman Farhat came up with a solution: you can listen to sounds through your device’s earpiece. This is possible through an app called Stealth Audio Player.

Stealth Audio Player lets you play music and other audio tracks through your smartphone’s earpiece. This is the part you hear your phone calls from. It simply makes use of the tiny speaker and brings you an unobtrusive way to catch up on your podcasts and other audio, especially for times when you do not have an earpiece with you. However, note that this is not a full-fledged music payer. It is simply a utility application, from which you can play all sorts of audio files.Stealth Audio Player

Stealth Audio Player is quite a remarkable app. when you play your audio tracks on it, you can only just hear it out loud, and that is if you are in a quiet place. But when you place the phone to your ear, you can hear the sounds quite clearly. In fact, I can imagine some people ditching their earphones in favor of the quieter sound from the phone’s earpiece. This app will be a great hit for people that detest noise of all kinds, as it delivers the required sound without making noise, unlike the loudspeakers of some other phones. As for your phone’s loudspeakers, they remain perfectly silent. It’s exactly like you’re making a call.

Stealth Audio Player is available on Google Play Store for free. It does contain ads, though, but they do not obstruct the functionality of the app in any way. So go ahead and check it out, then tell us what you think.


  1. ” In fact, I can imagine some people ditching their earphones in favor of the quieter sound from the phone’s earpiece”

    I do not quite see this happening. For one, you can only engage one ear at a time. Secondly, you will most likely have to sacrifice you hand to clutch the device or bend you shoulders to anchor your device to your ear. Third, you can’t do this in a public place (aka bus, market) except you would like to have your device snatched.

    Personally, this isn’t mighty useful.

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