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When you get a new smartphone, you enjoy the smooth experience. After a while, however, the phone tends to become sluggish and it begins to frustrate and annoy you. Sometimes, this slowing down can be the fault of background apps. By this, we mean apps running in the background. You can stop apps running in the background on your smartphone.

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You can do this by controlling your background processes. Depending on your smartphone, you need to enable Developer settings first. Go to Settings > About > Build Number. Tap Build Number 5 times to unlock Developer mode. Then look for Processes or Process Stats. This shows you a list of running processes showing how much RAM each is using. Be careful about what you turn off, however, as turning off some items can crash your device.

Also on the subject of which apps to leave alone, Google Services or any similar app should not be touched. But feel free to stop messengers, music players and other similar apps that often run in the background. Those won’t be a problem. Some of these apps will just restart the minute your back is turned. If you really have no use for these apps, uninstall them.

There are other factors that could slow down your smartphone. If you install a lot of apps, or just a few large-size apps, eventually your phone would begin to misbehave. It is best to keep the apps to a minimum. All in all, controlling the amount of apps running in the background is a good way to keep your smartphone in good shape.


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