Stop Complaining And Stop Following So Many Blogs!

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Almost every day, I come across people complaining that the headlines and stories across many blogs are similar or the same. While it sounds (and probably feels) all nice and dandy to churn out criticism and ask bloggers to be different, there is more to the issue. Methinks that there is a problem with many of those making those criticisms themselves. You are in shock; tight? Good for you. Just keep reading.

If all the blogs that YOU have chosen to follow are news blogs, why do you expect any significant difference in content across those blogs? That would be like buying The Punch, The Guardian, and Vanguard daily and complaining that they carry pretty much the same news! Duh. Yes; that is what they are expected to do – carry news of events in your environment. The problem is you. Stop buying all three. Buy one newspaper and then get more specialised publications. For example, one general newspaper, one sports magazine, and one fashion magazine sounds like a healthy balance. But three general newspapers covering the same environment? Please stop complaining.

There is more than enough variety in blogging out there – food blogs, fashion blogs, tech news blogs, gadget review blogs, political blogs, general news blogs, health blogs, gossip blogs, legal blogs, religious blogs, and even family blogs. Use your initiative and pick a balanced diet that you can feed on. Find the blog or site in a particular field that best captures things the way you like, and subscribe to that. You can even make it too. Then pick one or two focussing on another field that interests you and subscribe too. Even under tech alone, there is such a huge variety, yet people wrap themselves around the same stuff and then complain.

In my opinion, the problem is you. Stop subscribing only to all the gossip blogs available and then complaining that they all publish the same thing. That is just silly. Same goes for news, tech or any other field. What are you doing subscribing to all those blogs in the same field? Get a life please. Put some variety into your reading.

  1. it is the unwillingness to miss out on some vital piece of news that causes subscription to similar blogs.

    I follow several similar blogs in my areas of interest, I’d rather have duplicated contents, than miss vital news.

    information overload is quite preferable to being underinformed..

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