Yes; it is true that WhatsApp has changed its policy and will now share your user data with Facebook for advertising purposes. However, the good


  1. @Lade,

    Just open your Whatsapp and go to settings, then Account. Look below, you will see the option to uncheck the box for sharing your data with Facebook.

  2. I seemed to have dodged a bullet – I selected “Not Now” and so far it hasn’t returned for me to agree or not:D

    Someone asked me an interesting question – will WhatsApp share your data with Facebook even though you’re not on Facebook? The only way I see this as possible is by having access to your contacts via WhatsApp, and therefore suggesting people on Facebook to you. But will those on Facebook in turn have the details of those only on WhatsApp?

  3. Unchecked! Thank you Mr mobility and Surajudeen. Mr Kayode Frederick AKINRELERE, I am a sis not a bro ?.

  4. Thanks a million Mr Mo. you are a life saver. already made the mistake, but have corrected it now, its always good to be informed. Cheers!

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