A story of two 4G smartphones and one 4G network

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Yesterday, by pure coincidence, we had two 4G smartphones at the same location. Both of them had SIM cards from the same 4G network in them. We had no intention of running any comparisons. We were just hanging out. But it wasn’t long before the user of the TECNO Phantom 5 began to complain that his smartphone had been out of network for a while. The other phone was the Huawei GR3, and it had 3 bars. Same 4G network. From that point on, we paid attention to network signal on both phones.

two 4G smartphones


Comparisons: two 4G smartphones

As the minutes and hours strolled by, we observed that while the Huawei GR3 was locked on to the 4G network all through with 2-3 bars, the Phantom 5 was mostly without a signal and at best was able to lock on to the network and registered one bar only for brief periods. It was an interesting thing to watch.

How we wished we had more 4G smartphones available. We would have had a 4G Wrestlemania session instead. Oh, well.


Network Reception

As I have consistently mentioned here, different phones have different network reception capabilities. Usually, only a comparison of this sort highlights the sometimes stark differences in these capabilities. In this case, the Huawei was spectacular at it. TECNO Phantom 5 displayed much poorer network reception than the Huawei GR3.


  1. hahahahahaha… the overhyped Almighty phantom 5. well, Tecno…”diariz Gooooood ooooooooooo!!!”

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