It can a funny odd, world, and mobile is not excluded from that. Sometimes you buy a phone and find that you can’t use it

Strange mobile tales

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It can a funny odd, world, and mobile is not excluded from that. Sometimes you buy a phone and find that you can’t use it for the purpose you intended. usually, the logical thing to do is sell it or give it away. But sometimes, for some odd reasons you find out that the phone in question serves well for something and then you keep it and use it for that one thing.

Here’s my strangest mobile tale.

I purchased an Apple iPhone 3GS for N60,000 in November 2010. Oh boy, some excitement it was. I actually drove halfway across Lagos with cash in hand to go pick it up at 7am on a Saturday morning. You know that I have to be excited about you if I get out of the house that early and I’m spending that kind of money.

Anyway, I got the iPhone and all, then day after day of usage, I found it unusable as my daily smartphone. The entire Os and UI just felt too toyish for me, and adding to that the connectivity limitations of iOS, I ended up frustrated with the device.

But, and a very big but, I found that the iPhone was an excellent USB modem. It handled USB tethering better than any other device I know. Plug in and my PC got a connection immediately – and stayed connected. Well, you can guess the rest of the story: the iPhone 3GS spent the rest of its time serving exclusively as a USB modem. Yes; a N60,000 USB modem.

I am certain that certain people would have classified me mentally impaired to use an iPhone that way. But, I honestly found the 3GS a much better USB modem than a smartphone, and it served that purpose well.

What’s the strangest thing that you have had to commit a mobile to doing? Do share your story.

  1. Same here too. When i had the Nokia 5230 in 2010, the bulk of it’s work was to act as a USB modem for my mum’s computer then(I hadn’t gotten my own laptop then). I was still studying Java at NIIT and i was among the first people to use the Glo 3G service among my peers. Oh the memories!

  2. Buyer’s remorse. hmm!

    have never bought any mobile phone that ended up being a decorative object d’Art. ;~)

    I may not like certain attributes about a particular (like the granite hard naviKeys of my old Nokia 3250), but I have always loved with whatever deficiency I discover.

    not that I have owned that many (smart)phones (certainly under fifteen

  3. Same happened to me awhile back i bought a Nokia 6600 from a friend, boy was i sorry i did, little did i know that the device hadba myriad of issues waiting for the right person to suffer the consequences. Within 3 weeks of buying it, the camera stopped working, then the bluettoth, and then the screen. After taking it to the repair shop, the amount of money required to fix was enough for one to get a new one. The phone ended up as a door stop for me.

  4. A really strange mobile tale will be buying a BB porsche and ending up using the backlit screen as a torch.

  5. That would be me and my brief flirtation with the Blackberry Torch 9810. I wanted a new phone and finally got it, but inasmuch as I loved it, there were a whole bunch of issues.

    The final straw was that the service books were messed up, so I couldn’t download my email or use BBM. In the end I sent it back and spent the money on…the Nexus 7. No regrets there!

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