Stylish Power Bank: Power Pebble photo gallery

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The Power Pebble (or power Stone) is a very stylish power bank. It is also a very capable one. Its battery capacity is 10,400 mAh. It also has two output slots so you can charge two devices at the same time. And for convenience, there’s a small larnyard built in so you can carry it in the hand more conveniently.

I have a personal unit and have taken the pains to bring you a few clear photos of this gadget. Enjoy the gallery below.

Power Pebble Photos

The Pebble has four LED lights to indicate power levels while charging and discharging. All four lights on mean it has a full charge.


One of the output ports is 5V1A, while the other is 5V2A. The latter charges faster than the former.


So you can have an idea of the size, here is the Power Pebble beside the 5.5-inch Alcatel idol 3:

I got my unit yesterday and it took about 3 hours to charge it up to full power. I haven’t had cause to use it much since then, so you will have to wait for more detailed feedback, if you’re waiting for my review in order to make a purchase decision.


Those ready and willing to get one right away can order yours here and have it delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria.

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