Angry subscriber petitions NCC over Smile 4G’s Unlimited promo

A Nigerian, Chukwuka Ekeledo, is petitioning the NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) against Smile Communications Nigeria’s extreme throttling of their Unlimited data promo. Here is an excerpt from the petition:

In December 2015, they rolled out their Unlimited plan at the ridiculous price of N19,800($73) for 30 days. A large majority of its users jumped on this plan because it made the most sense but to the shocking disbelief and downright frustration of its users, within days of activation an ISP that recorded a whooping speed of 21 Megabytes per second was reduced to 4.732 kilobytes per second.

Smile petition

You will remember that our findings here is that Smile throttles the said Unlimited plan. While throttling is a legitimate practice among ISPs the world over, the kind of throttling being experienced by subscribers to Smile’s Unlimited plan is very extreme. Throttling of the service down to 3G speeds would have been a fairer approach, but with subscribers experiencing far less than 3G speeds on a 4G plan, a reaction of this sort is not surprising.

What do you think of this situation? If interested in the matter, the petition is available on and can be found HERE.

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