Subscribers to BlackBerry service on MTN Nigeria are beginning to moan and groan about the removal of unlimited data on their range of BlackBerry Internet

Subscribers groan as MTN implements data cap on BIS

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Subscribers to BlackBerry service on MTN Nigeria are beginning to moan and groan about the removal of unlimited data on their range of BlackBerry Internet Services. Well, heavy users, really.

Here is the body of a message sent to me by an MTN BIS subscriber:

Sir, are you aware that MTN has started BIS data cap? 200MB for N1,500. They were deducting my money, so I called them to complain and I was told that there is no more unlimited data, and that I had exhausted my 200MB. Which was why my airtime was debited for internet use.

While MTN Nigeria still refers to their regular BIS plans as “Unlimited”, they have introduced a data cap on each of them.

In related news, BlackBerry recently introduced OS 10 to the market, which has BIS and the platform’s legendary data compression limited to just BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). All other internet usage is via regular mobile internet data. See Understanding the BlackBerry 10 BIS Controversy for details. MTN’s BlackBerry 10 plans also carry data caps.

Do you use your BlackBerry on MTN or other networks? What is the experience at this time? It is important that you be aware of what obtains on your network, so you are not caught by surprise.


  1. I once own a blackberry and like I always said, I went berry just for economic reason and nothing else. prior to when I bought my berry, I was using Nokia and I spent 3k monthly for just 1GB of data on glo, then I thought it wise to go on berry because Glo gives 3 GB for just 1.4K.

    after 8months of romance with my blackberry, I decided to sell it off and go for my dream phone (Nokia 808) and in less than a month I began to hear this stories of network enforcing the data cap. Glo on its part has reduced their 3GB to to 1GB for 1.4K. actually, when all the networks brought out their BB10 data plan and they all agreed that 1.5GB should go for 3K, I know that something is goin to change for bad. to those who are used to cheap data on BB, this is very sad, but for the non BB users this is simply equity. whoever owns BB henceforth is because he/she really like the platform. very soon we will now know the real BB guys/babes.

    weep not berry guys/babes for this has been the life Nokians, droid and isheep have been living. you are welcome to the world of “pay as you use”

  2. But MTN aren’t nice. Hw do u justify degrading 1500 BIS from unlimited to 200mb. Even regular data plans give you like 500mb for that amount. Well, what do I care? I foresee more people joining the Android family sooner than I expected. *evil laugh*

  3. If etisalat enforces a cap on their BIS, I’m dropping my BB immediately. The major reason I still use one is cos I can download as much as I want without drilling a hole in my pocket.
    Etisalat don’t fall my hand!.

  4. Airtel has been doling out 1GB @ 1.4K for eternity. With this data cap enforcement and #terrible airtel network @ my present location, best bet is to forward a complaint to airtel to pls upgrade their netwk @ Abeokuta a little bit.

  5. Goodbye to blackberry….welcome to windows 8…Nokia lumia
    …. Blackberry for reason worth MTn oo
    ..this will make everyone run away from blackberry because the only reason why people use it is because of the unlimited data….

  6. Someone said equity and I think that’s just about right. 200MB, 1GB or 3GB with any device BB or not, is just that and the initial discrimination was a mistake that should have been corrected before now.

    I always here “unmatched BB QWERTY keyboard” and that’s something for the BB users to hang on. And yes, there’s also the argument that BB devices can do anything other smartphones users can and equally well if not better, so I don’t like people now pretending using BlackBerry devices for the unlimited data offered by the operators.

  7. It has been 200MB cap since for bbc in mtn website but in reality its not true I downloaded over 2gig last week and am still browsing happily

  8. Really I understd that mtn subscriber are not really cool with this data cap but I will like you all to know that data cap have been for long for other telecommunication provider. Also all smart phone in the world has data cap even mtn in all other countries too have except for nigeria. Even mtnn in south africa has too. Data cap isn’t a big deal at all because mtnnigeria is the only telecom in the world with unlimited data cap from all my research.
    The issue is that we should bother about the volume of data cap for a bb plan. However someone made a mistake in the comment I saw. Here is the correction

    Bbcweek 50mb 500naira
    Bbc 350mb 1500naira
    Bis 2.5gb 3000naira

    Also the new bb z10 has data cap for diff plans too for midi and maxi plans infact the new bb z10 from RIM actually don’t have any unlimited provision for subscription from RIMn however its just like any smart device where you must subscribe to data bundle so with all this RIM too know now and have now abduct the mode of other manufacturers of smart phone with datacap.

    Thks alot

  9. Your justification is not true,?n my case my bis suppposed 2 expire on ? 28th of march but ? couldn’t browse anylonger as from 22nd of march due to the bliv that have exhausted my 3GB data cab(? bliv ? used more dan dt cus am an heavy downloader,? cn download abt 5 movies worth of 700MB each in ? day) bt lata its browsed again.Now have av re-subscribe av used above 200MB(which ? stipilated) and am still ? claim isn’t right!

  10. @Young CEO what’s the fascination with punctuations?

    MTN BIS is actually 350mb not 200mb. I was browsing in one corner of Lagos minding my own business and MTN struck. I had EDGE and 3G but couldn’t access the internet. Buzzed customer care severL times and they kept “refreshing”.my line’s network till one finally told me “I’m sorry sir you have exhausted……”

    My min went blank after the word “exhausted” was used on my BB. I immediately started scheming on getting the soon-to-be-released Lumia 720 (Iphone is currently dead to me….DON’T ask). To make matters worse you can’t renew your BIS till your expiration date and mine is in 3weeks. The CC lady suggested I subscribe to a regular data plan (Hian! on a BlackBerry). I plucked my Airtel line out of my Nokia 2310 and subscribed for their BIS package but seriously 1gb just doesn’t cut it

    P.S I downloaded over 1.5Gb data with MTN’s 350MB BIS before it was exhausted but Airtel’ seems to be ticking on as if its a regular data plan. Any explanation?

    I better make plans to sell of my BlackBerry. I certainly won’t miss it…….much

  11. Harry, Andy and Bosun you have said it all. For all those Blackberry users enjoying maximizing data for little finance, the road has come to the end – welcome to the world of the smartphone owner.

    Painful it may be but not surprising at all; this was a long time coming.

  12. A larger percentage of BB users are still on the platform cos BBM. I don’t see any major churn

  13. @ Dee: Whatsapp is a worthy replacement for bbm. Though I’ve a couple of friends who have threatened to not speak to me via Whatsapp (2nd rate app?)

  14. Na lie oo. I have downloaded more than 500Mb just this afternoon with mtn BBCweek. Get your facts right Mbok! Maybe MTN was just intimidating you or something.

  15. According to the MTN customer care woman I spoke too(though majority of them are idiots and don’t know anything about the network they work for), the Monthly 3000naira BIS is still unlimited, it’s just the 1500naira BBC, that’s now capped at 350MB.

  16. The same thing happened to me too. My phone suddenly stopped browsing on the 19th of March, i couldnt bbm, tweet, i couldnt even send text messages. i kept calling and calling 180 and they kept refreshing my line and sending my number to their ‘engineers’, frustration turned into acceptance. Finally, i called today and was told my MB had been exhausted all the while! I have dusted my airtel sim card and i have bought N1,500 recharge card ready to switch to airtel bis. i hope i’m not jumping from frying pan to fire oh! Any airtel bis users here? hows the airtel network? any advice for me?

  17. I subscribed to MTN bbc week last thursday. As at now i have downloaded up to 1.2g of data. I am currently downloading a 100mb game from the piratebay. I am actually using my bbc subscription on an android phone.

  18. I think Udegbunam has a point here, MTN is really using this as a measure to checkmate the rate of data usage on their BlackBerry services.

    I don’t really really believe the data cap thing because I run downloads on daily basis which is more than the said data cap.

  19. it was quiet annoying, when it happened out of the blue no warning, although my bb logo was on i couldn’t chat or do anything until i loaded airtime on my phone and then service came back on,this will really limit lots of bb users on MTN.
    350mb??!!!!, how do i download my greys anatomy series wo!! was the only reason i use BBC , 700mb would have been reasonable

  20. MTN need 2 rethink, b4 they will loss subscriber or hacker will go back the work. That’s why many people love cheat

  21. I suscribed for 1week just to download my favorite movie “the vampire diary” suddenly 3 days to my date line I can’t brows only to call 180 and a lady told me sorry mtn have cap the week to 50mb, but guys I have already download movies over 1gb wo!! I just can’t get it does that mean that they forget the cap or what

  22. Please is this just an empty threat, a daily quota warning or the real cummulative stuff!

  23. U guyz are rili funny.. U talk about leavin bb for android or nokia.. U 4get dat u wld still be subscribing for data.. Bsides der r oda netwks which u can use 2 get unlimited bis ….instead of running to android and nokia we’re u wld still subscribr 4 data

  24. Pls oo….m even scared 2 download with ma 1 week subsctn……b4 I wud b told m exhausted….buh pls dese 50mb 4 1 week z it more than dat ? Seriously last week GLO rily screwed me up last week…….de funny part z 1nce u r exhaustd. N glo…if u rechrg it wunt go tru…unles u subscrb anoda…..

  25. Something other countries are enjoying u now cap urs, like some pple are good in killing little things the world regardless. We all know it’s pple get BB bcos its unlimited but with this policy, it’s will be nice to dump it.

  26. Even with edge and 3G in some area I still can’t browse and I also have in mind xx expired date. And to add to the problem am capped limited plan. Like to me it make no sense.

  27. guys dont cry much etisalat is #1000 for the bb complete plan and totally unlimited

  28. Never saw this cumin,I subscribed for a mnth and I was given a week free, i downloaded several movies and I kept downloading, on a faithful day,i realised I cldnt browse anymore, I actually tot the server was weak, but my EDGE and 3G were on.I called 180, d dude told M????? I have to reg my sim dats all wch I’ve reg and I had up to 2 weeks remaining, so frustrated, I swithed to my etisalat sim wch A????? currently using. It rocks!!!

  29. So so sad …tot mtn subscription was unlimited ..4 over 5 months i switched over to my galaxy ..i tink i nid to subscribe to a bb plan …for sum games dat cost over 2g…i subscribed to mtn of last week ..i downloaded nt more dan 3g of files … Nw i cudnt browse wit d plan …i tink d cap allocated for for bbc is 3g nd d price is reduce to 1000#

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