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nokia e7 success journey

Did you know that the new Nokia E7 smartphone offers drive or walk navigation in 80 countries?

Beyond the regular features that stand Nokia devices out, the Nokia E7 provides users easy access to 10 private email accounts from same view.

You can also create, edit and share office documents and view PDF files with Adobe reader.

Expectedly, there are thousands of free and paid applications from a wide range of categories in the Ovi Store, including the world’s most popular mobile phone game, Angry Birds, and other apps like LinkedIn, Salesforce, Shazam, and Joikuspot.

A beautiful, innovative design with everything you need to stay in sync. Redefine your success with new Nokia E7.

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Don’t forget that you can win a free Nokia E7 on this blog. All you need to do is tell us the most creative thing you have ever done with your Nokia phone.


  1. I have to give it to nokia…navigation in 80 countries! And these map are very much up to date. Their commitment to making life easier for everyone…and I mean everyone (including those of us in the 3rd world countries) cannot be matched. The small nokia e5 I use was able to do more than I can ever emergine for a rather low priced phone. Not only can I connect to my exchange mails in the office but also use the Microsoft communicator app to chat with everyone in the office through my phone anytime.

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