The sun sets on Microsoft’s Sunrise Calendar app

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Sunrise Calendar app is a very comprehensive calendar app for Android that syncs with Google Calendar, Exchange, iCloud, Facebook, Evernote, Foursquare, TripIt, Todoist, Trello and more. In 2015, Microsoft acquired the team behind the development of the app. According to a blog post by the Sunrise team, the team has now been moved by Microsoft to work on Outlook for Android and iOS. Apparently, Microsoft wants Outlook to enjoy some of the neat features that Sunrise Calendar app offers.

sunrise calendar app

The consequence is that development work on the Sunrise app itself has now been discontinued. There will be no new features or bug fixes for the app from this point. In other words, death. Sunrise will be removed from the various app stores in the next few days, and on August 31st, all work on Sunrise will end.

Adieu Sunrise Calendar app

You will remember how Microsoft acquired the team behind the rave Accompli email app and pretty much did the same thing to create the lovely Outlook email apps for Android and iOS that we see today. As it was with Accompli email app, so it is with Sunrise Calendar app. The sun will set on Sunrise Calendar.

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