• Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

Is Water Resistance a useful feature or a gimmick?

For today’s discussion, we may have to classify smartphones into two categories. Those with water resistance, and those without water resistance. This post was inspired by discussions on the Geek WhatsApp group. Is water resistance for phones a useful feature? Or is it just a gimmick? There are already many points for and against.

Phone - water resistance

People are generally careless. Their gadgets may fall inside water or sometimes it’s taken to the bathroom. Unfortunate things can also happen, unexpected rainfall, accidental spill from kids or colleagues. What saves your ass in these situations? A water resistant phone.

Conversely, one can say, “I have never felt like I need my phone to be water proof, because the situation has simply never arisen”. There’s also a case that people dip their phones in water, find a way to dry it, and it starts working again. With careful use, what are the chances that your phone gets in contact with water?

Can water resistance on phones be equated to a wiper on your car headlamp? How often do you need that feature?

I repeat the question: Is resistance to water a useful feature or a gimmick? Personally, I think it is. What do you think?

PS: If interested in a water resistance phone, have a look here.


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5 thoughts on “Is Water Resistance a useful feature or a gimmick?”
  1. I thinks its not a useful feature. Just a gimmick to inflate price. I’ve never used a water-resistant phone and almost all my phones have come into contact with one form of water.

    After sun-drying or sometimes, everything works normal. What then does water resistance bring to the table… Does it mean your phone will survive falling into salinated water like beach? I doubt that

  2. i think it’s a useful feature that should be an industry standard. saying it’s not useful because you’ve never needed it is like saying 911 isn’t useful because you’ve never been in an emergency. as someone who’s used 2 “waterproof” phones, it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it

  3. Water proof and water resistant are different things. And some people would find waterproof phones useful. Waterproof phones don’t dominate the market but as they’ve been around for a while, I guess they’re here to stay.

  4. I certainly want a water-resistant/proof smartphone. Having to worry about every little splash of rain or some other form of water is not nice. I’d like a phone I can pick up right after a swim or a bath without fear.

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