Sunday Discussion : Which app changed your Android experience?

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Android is beautiful, Android is life. For many of us here, Android is the best thing that happened to mankind. The mobile operating system has powered (and is still powering) many aspects of our lives – It’s even bound to get better. Before we continue with the adulation, have we thought to ask? What made my Android experience? What was the defining moment? What is it, that would make you not look to other mobile platforms?

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Personally, as weird as it may sound, Es File Explorer, GReader and Lucky Patcher are the apps that made my Android experience. The first, is a lightweight file explorer app, but it does far much more than that. GReader is my right-hand man app – helping me quench my daily addiction for information. The last one, Lucky Patcher is another must have for rooted users.

On the other hand, an app may have turned your Android experience sour. This alone may have forced you switch to another platform. Whatever the case maybe, we’d truly love to hear your story. The floor is open in the comment section. Cheers.


  1. it’s actually useful for more than that, for example the first time i ever accessed Engineering Mode (I’ve never used the app though) it was to increase the volume limits

  2. Mobdro..(for Live TV)
    Whatsapp-calls(for keeping in touch with loved ones far-away for free!!!
    Snaptupe(to download HD youtube videos)

  3. ES File explorer
    Aldiko ebook reader
    Buzz launcher (all my android phones have had the exact same homescreen for almost 2 years)
    Arcus dictionary
    Keep safe.

    These apps changed what a phone meant to me

  4. I will never forget the day I discovered flashshare. The app literally blew me away! Best app ever.

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