Today Google announced that Android Market will increase consumer access and developer support for paid applications in several new countries. From today, consumers from 99

Support for paid Android apps to consumers in 26 new African countries

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Today Google announced that Android Market will increase consumer access and developer support for paid applications in several new countries. From today, consumers from 99 new countries – including 26 African countries – will be able to purchase apps from Android Market. This latest expansion of Android Market means more applications – including games, social, and productivity apps – for consumers and more selling opportunities for developers in more countries.

Over the next few days, the number of countries where Android users can purchase priced apps will increase to 131 including the addition of South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria. Consumers from these newly supported countries will have access to over 200,000 free and paid apps in Android Market, which they can access directly from their Android-powered device.

Android Market was launched to help developers distribute mobile applications on a level playing field, while enabling users to find and download apps which leverage the unique capabilities of the Android platform. Today, we’re pleased to announce the expansion of Android Market’s offerings in these additional countries to deliver more apps for more people.

A full list of countries can be found here: Supported locations for distributing applications.



  1. Those programmers who have been waiting for this can now officially lunch. I bet there’ll be lots of applications from Nigeria in less than a month

  2. This is glorious. I keep saying that the future is Android. And Google has proven me right. There is now a legitimate competitor to Nokia n Nigeria. The Apple of the world should beware and emulate good examples.

    Once again, thank you Google!!

  3. i have just tried getting my checkout account set up and noticed i need a visa debit card. that will be the first thing i’ll do in the office tomorrow, applying for a visa dual currency debit card.

  4. My brother have just bought Doodle Jump and Death Worm from the Android Market.

    We first tried to pay using GTB naira Mastercard, the card was accepted but still it said the transaction could not go through, I have had a similar experience on Amazon too.

    We then tried the Zenith Visa card and viola, the transaction was completed.

    Android Paid App is all ours. Go download as much as you want.

  5. @bosun99uk, please was the zenith visa card you used a naira or usd card? also did you guys first created a google checkout account?

  6. @belushi
    its the zenith $visa card and we didn’t need to create any google checkout.

    we just went to the android market on pc. signed in to the same google a/c with the phone, clicked on the app we wanted and we entered the card details. It showed transaction completed and the app was sent to the phone.

  7. Finally Google is doing what Apple isn’t keen on doing in Africa but it’s nice to know that we are treated as human beings now and not neglected unlike before.

  8. If only for ethnocentric reasons. Android is the best for remembering the Africans especially the Nigerians.

  9. @ bosun99uk, thanks for the explanation, but i still want to know if the zenith visa card is tied to a naira currency account or a domicialiary (e.g dollars/ pounds). simply put, was your naira account debited for the purchase or your dollar account?

  10. Wow finally google have made it, am so happy to go for android over apple iphone which has no consideration for africans

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