Surprise! There's An Unofficial "Mobility Nigeria" App For Blackberry PlayBook And Smartphones!

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Yesterday afternoon, it was brought to my notice that MOBILITY was featured on the BlackBerry PlayBook AppWorld’s homepage. Here is the tweet:

That came to me as a surprise. We had not commissioned a BlackBerry or PlayBook app. Anyway, hours later, I fired up my PlayBook, loaded the AppWorld, and indeed found that there was a “Mobility Nigeria” app featured right there. The app was developed by a gentleman by the name, Olumadunwa Olusanya.


I was hearing the name for the first time, and so went Googling to see if I could get in touch with him. I found him on Google+ and have added him to my tech circle. I hope to be able to express gratitude to him for the gesture. While MOBILITY discontinued its official drive to create mobile apps, because of the issues involved (See: I Don’t Need An App For That), unofficial efforts like this are welcome and indeed appreciated. Thanks, Olumadunwa!


The app itself is a very nice job. It is clean and offers eye-candy too. Users are able to read only though, with a link at the end of every article that says “See original story” and takes you to the webpage, where you can then submit your comment if you so desire.

Now, I feel like keeping my PlayBook just because of this. Meanwhile, I wonder if this app is also available for Blackberry smartphones. I’m off to initiate a hunt…. and from the feedback that I am getting, it turns out that there is….

It is good to see MOBILITY’s fan base growing. Our BBM Group is still active, and here we have apps for both BlackBerry PlayBook and smartphones. Bless you all. Mobilistas rock! I don’t have a BlackBerry smartphone anymore, but I am going to have this downloaded and installed on wifey’s unit. Meanwhile, all ye PlayBook and BlackBerry users, go get this app on your devices.

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