Surprising Smartphone Figures in 3Q 2012 from IDC

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IDC has released its third quarter 2012 statistics for the ever dynamic global mobile market, and the report has interesting trends.

The top 5 spots in the smartphone market are:

  1. Samsung – 56.3 million units
  2. Apple – 26.9 million units
  3. RIM – 7.7 million units
  4. ZTE – 7.5 million units
  5. HTC – 7.3 million units

Here are some key points for smartphones from the IDC report:

  • Nokia lost the most ground and dropped out of Top 5 list
  • Despite all the gloom and doom, RIM outsold HTC, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, ZTE and others to clinch the 3rd spot
  • Samsung is about the only smartphone manufacturer gaining market share in the last few quarters. Apple, Nokia, RIM, and HTC are all losing ground.


What of Feature Phones?

In the features phones market, the picture is a stark contrast. Here are the top spots:

  1. Nokia – 76.6 million units
  2. Samsung – 49.2 million units
  3. LG – 10 million units
  4. ZTE – 6.3 million units


My Thoughts

The landscape keeps changing so drastically. On the smartphone front, Samsung is a runaway hit, gobbling up market share and leaving everyone else in the dust. It is simply phenomenal.

Meanwhile, Nokia’s faulty transition to Windows Phone keeps hurting them. If the Finnish brand had handled the transition better, introducing Windows Phone before announcing the killing off of Symbian and MeeGo (or even running them side-by-side), it would have a much stronger smartphone presence today. Sadly, that is history. One can only hope that sales of their Lumia range picks up soon – and strongly too, or Nokia shall soon be known as a feature phone maker.

As for RIM, another company in transition, we can only wait till Q1, 2013 for any hopes of an improvement.

The bloodbath continues, of course, and I look forward to how things play out in the next one year. yes; this is Sparta!

credits: IDC via AAS.

  1. Agreed nokia should have run Symbian,windows even add andriod.
    see Sammy everywhere…
    with difference,.dous,SGS3 mini etc
    somebody who cant sgs3 can go for mini and so on …

  2. Like the previous post said, figures mean nothing, profits are everything.

    So, I will want to know just how drastically Samsung’s bottom line is being impacted with those impressive sales figures.

    Sell more phones, or make more profit per unit? Apple has that answer covered!

    I am sure eggheads and bean_counters will also be very interested in that too.

  3. EyeBeeKay,

    Sorry, but your play here is amusing. Profits are figures. If the “figures mean nothing” concept is applicable here, then profits mean nothing. Abeg! We too went to school.

  4. Sorry Sir!

    well, check out the context. focus less on the content (figures. number of devices sold) and then, the light will be seen..

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