The only way to do it right is to do it by yourself! If you want your publications to look perfect – Swift Publisher will

Swift Publisher – the best way to create brochures and booklets

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The only way to do it right is to do it by yourself! If you want your publications to look perfect – Swift Publisher will be the best choice for your Mac!

Publisher allows you to create visual publications of professional quality, saving you from the need to spend a lot of money and time to create them in difficult desktop publishing systems. You can create simple publications, such as greeting cards and labels, or more difficult ones, such as yearbooks, catalogs, and professional electronic newsletters.

Swift Publisher for Mac

The publishing business has been living to this day. Without intelligible publications would be no those bright innovations and impressive projects that we are so used to, including Apple itself, which lured users with the LaserWriter printer and programs like PageMaker that generated countless news feeds, brochures and even entire stores. For familiarizing with the publishing industry on modern Macs was created such an excellent tool called Swift Publisher. This accessible, let’s say, graphics editor, is ready to do anything to achieve a qualitative result in an intuitive way.

In the heart of Swift Publisher, there is a gallery of templates, which includes approximately 400 various blanks like flyers, advertisements, catalogs or whole restaurant menus. To familiarize yourself with the program, it is enough just to select a template and start to play with it a little bit, changing the text, rearranging the graphic elements, deleting them, replacing them with a few mouse clicks. There is even a separate section called “Electronic Media”, where are made up pages of Facebook, Twitter, and also iOS interfaces.

Any designer will appreciate the built-in sets of cliparts, support of library application of the Photo, clever figures from the panel on the left side and all sorts of little things, which by the way is possible to buy in addition through the built-in purchases. All the described options are placed on the design of the document just through a banal dragging. Used parts are edited through the Layout panels (on the right) and the Toolbar (at the top). The main field of activity is intended for creating of design and organization of documents with one or several pages.

But such professional options as, for example, multiple layers with nonprinting elements, master pages, converting text into curves, pagination, and even exporting CMYK tiff files for sending to the print shop make the object of this review a really cool publishing application. However, it is a little bit strange that the similar option is inaccessible for PDF – or EPS exports.

In Swift Publisher you can easily put any code and edit it. By the way, in the last model of the application were also added dynamic text fields, which are a good equivalent of the popular selection function from mail correspondence, when to the working document are moved, for example, name, telephone, address or other information.

The graphic editor, among other things, is able to edit images, guided by the built-in OS X filters for adjusting color, an exposition, scale and the set of tools for retouching without using to third-party applications. You can even manage to import old Adobe Illustrator and EPS vector files.

Swift Publisher is a publisher for Mac, which will become an indispensable thing for those people who highly appreciate quality and want to be able to create it themselves as well. The process of creating publications is so fascinating that it will attract interest and inspiration to creativity even by a beginner. Start with simple things – create a greeting card or a booklet. When you make sure how easy is the process of creating and how incredible results you can achieve, you never know – maybe you will want to try your hand at such serious projects as creating a book or magazine yourself.

The interface of the application will allow you to use a maximum of all available functions and advantages of the application without any difficulties. Implement your ideas beautifully with Swift Publisher!

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  1. My cousin is into the printing d publishing business he will love this.

    Great job. Thanks for this.

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