Swiftkey keyboard for Android is now free

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Yes; the popular Swiftkey keyboard for Android is now free. Dazall!

Download SwiftKey Keyboard


  1. Next to Opera Max, this SwiftKey news is the greatest I have heard this year.

    This great keyboard is now free forever. The update cycle will be ramped up.

    I hope they take the fight to Swype and improve their swiping proficiency..

    Just downloaded. Taking it for a spin. Typing this comment with it.

    SwiftKey going free would be a major blow to all the other Keyboard App Authors.

    It would take serious convincing to pay for the other alternatives, since only the Chronic Swypers would consider Swype to be superior.

  2. @Alec, no point despairing. The same thing happened with me and Opera but think of it as you’ve now made it possible for others to enjoy the app (though I’m hearing complaints that it’s not as good as previous versions. We shall see if this continues).

    I bought many apps that now come as “free”. The joy of Android is that you can’t replace the “free” pre-installed app with your paid for version unless you root.

    Oh well…

  3. For those who’ve paid for SwiftKey, they’re offering a pack of Premium Themes for free.. This is available in-app.

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