Swiftkey launches Greenhouse program, announces Clarity keyboard beta

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Today, the owners behind popular Android keyboard, Swiftkey announced a program called Swiftkey Greenhouse. The program, in simple terms, is an avenue for testing new innovative apps. Giving people a chance to try out new ideas, and allowing users to give feedback.

The first app to be launched under this umbrella is called Clarity Keyboard beta. We’re already impressed after a few minutes of using this app. There are two issues of concern:

  1. There are no further settings available in the app (After initial setup).
  2. There’s also no word prediction bar on the top of the keyboard interface while typing.

This can be overlooked since the app is still in beta stage.

Meanwhile here are the key features of Clarity Keyboard beta:

Clarity Keyboard (2)

  • Multi-word auto correct – checks the last few words you’ve typed and retrospectively corrects them.
  • Quickly undo any auto corrections and restore exactly what you typed by tapping backspace.
  • Automatically learns your slang, nicknames and phrases.

Clarity Keyboard (7)

See extra screenshot

Clarity keyboard

You can try this app by clicking HERE



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