Swings Bluetooth Earrings are the perfect earbuds for you

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Ladies! There is a new stylish fashion tech product in town. Imagine a Bluetooth device so stylish that that no-one would know you had it on. Say hello to Swings Bluetooth Earrings. Who says tech products have to be ugly?

Now, you do not have to worry about misplacing your headphones or looking for you earpiece at the bottom of the bag. All you have to do is wear these fancy earrings and you are ready – comfortable, looking stylish and with Bluetooth earphones in place. Yes; you can eat your cake and have it.

Swings Bluetooth Earrings: How It Works

These stylish earbuds fit into your pierced ears just like your regular earrings do, so your Bluetooth earbud does not fall off. When you need to listen to music or make a call, just swing the hanging section into your ear and enjoy.

Battery life of Swings Bluetooth Earrings is looking god. The manufacturers say it delivers 5 hours of use from a full charge. What of charging time? Plug them in to charge for 15 minutes to get 3 hours of use. Not bad.

Like Apple’s Airpods, these also need a supplied case to charge. Swings Earrings also support AI services like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa.

Swings Bluetooth Earrings pack

The earrings are available in Silver/White, Gold/White or Rose Gold/White.

Comparing Apple’s Airpods and Swing Earrings, I have arrived at a conclusion: airpods are masculine and Swings are feminine and chic. You can check out the product’s Kickstarter page.

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