Yesterday, a client of mine had received a new BlackBerry v7.1 smartphone as an early Valentine’s Day gift from her lover. She was using a


Switch BlackBerry Smartphones Using Desktop Software

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Yesterday, a client of mine had received a new BlackBerry v7.1 smartphone as an early Valentine’s Day gift from her lover. She was using a much older BlackBerry running v5.0 and needed to switch to the new device. Fortunately for her, BlackBerry Desktop software has a feature named Device Switch built in. This feature makes switching from one BlackBerry smartphone to another a seamless, hassle-free exercise.


BlackBerry Device Switch

Here is the process:


– Launch BlackBerry Desktop Software
– Connect your current phone
– On BlackBerry Desktop Software, select Device Switch
– Let the Desktop Software back the device up
– Disconnect your current device and connect the replacement device
– BlackBerry Desktop transfers your data to your new device

At the end of the exercise, EVERYTHING was properly copied over from the current device to the new one. Contacts, calendar entries, BBM Contacts and chats, email accounts…. everything. Now, I am wondering if this feature will work for switching between older generation BlackBerry smartphones to new BlackBerry 10 devices. Hopefully, we shall find out soon.


Oh! And if you’re into mushy love and all that, HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY!!!! I just wish I had a lover who would buy me a Val gift too. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class. I hear there’s a Valentine’s special offer starting at N8.9 million. Only.

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  2. in what colour do you want your e-class Mr mo? and is it 6 or 8 cylinders? I may be generous today 🙂

  3. emma_edeh,

    Black is good, my kind sir. And, the more powerful the engine, the better. I love it for my cars to roar powerfully 😉 So excited and expectant!!!!!

  4. Dreams give birth to Reality. I too am dreaming of your KIA so do not forget to pass it on to me when you get your mercedes because from the way you handle your phones the KIA will still come out very clean and neatly used.

  5. I once helped a friend switch her phone this way and I was really pleased with how well it worked, even though I was initially annoyed that BB will not allow me to simply transfer the contacts easily as I would from say a Symbian or Android phone, or even feature phones from manufacturers like Sony Ericsson or LG too.

    The huge benefit is that it would copy everything completely. In my case, I had the option of selecting the items to be moved like contacts, SMS etc. But the drawback again is that with BB, you must look for a PC or go through some online services like Google account to easily migrate your contacts, calendar etc to your new phone.

    And yes, Mr. Mo, it works on older BB devices too, like BB Curve 2 (8520). This is actually the one I migrated to a BB Torch 9810. BlackBerry did a good job here.

  6. Quite helpful and its now easier to download unlike before.

    I used it for a friend switching from Curve 9300 to Bold 9900 two weeks ago.

    It must work with BB10 else how do they expect people to switch

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