Mister Mo shows a fast and easy way to switch to a new smartphone while carrying over all your pictures, videos, text messages, call logs and contacts with you.

How to switch to a new smartphone the easy way

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From years of experience with cell phone users, I will rate switching to a new smartphone as one of the most dreaded experiences of the average smartphone user. They worry about how to switch to a new smartphone and carrying over their pictures, videos, text messages, call logs and contacts with them.

The more advanced smartphones became, the more daunting the task of switching became. For example, as app adoption has gone up, the switching task now includes how to transfer all those many apps without having to manually download them all over again on the new device.

switch to a new smartphone with cloneit

In this article, I will introduce you to an app – a free Android app – that helps you do that. This mobile app will transfer all your apps, files and data over from the old to the new phone without a fuss. Anyone can do this, so fear not.

Easy Steps To Switch To A New Smartphone

This help guide is for switching between one Android smartphone to another.

1. Download and install CLONEit on both smartphones. Download HERE.

2. Launch the app on both phones. You will be asked to choose which is the old phone and which is the new. Set the phone you are switching away from as the “Old Phone”, and set the phone you just bought as the “New Phone”.

3. On the old phone, touch the icon that appears representing the new phone and it will connect to the new phone.

4. After connecting, the app will ask you to choose the data that you want to move over to the new phone. The options include: SMS, Call logs, Apps, Documents, Audio, Pictures, Videos, Phone Settings. It is a very comprehensive set. Feel free to select everything.

The old phone will transfer your selected data to the new phone. Basically, the app clones everything on your old Android smartphone into the new.

All your apps, files, call logs and SMSes are now on your new phone. Using CLONEit is an easy and effective way of transferring all your apps and data to your new phone.

Consider Saving Your Contacts To The Cloud

You can avoid losing your Contacts when you switch phones by saving them to Google or Outlook Contacts. That way, every time you sign into your Google account on any new smartphone, they are automatically synchronised to the new phone.

It is the smart, modern way to save your Contacts. We have another help guide to put you through: How to switch to a new phone without losing your Contacts.


  1. Thanks for info, Mr Mo, I found this useful. This is what very Smartphone users must know in terms of switching from one phone to another.

  2. Yes, I personally use a similar app like smartswitch (samsung).

    Great apps for everyone.

    A must have

  3. Hmmm…. Can I do this myself? I rather give it to an expert.

  4. This information is rated 5 STAR. Very important. I know many people are struggling out there with the problem of switching devices..

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