Swype for Symbian 2.0 Beta now supports Split Screen QWERTY on Anna

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The long awaited update to Swype for Symbian is now available via Nokia Betalabs. This update brings split screen keyboard to the popular app.


  • Portrait and split-screen support for devices with Symbian Anna
  • Cutting-edge predictive tap auto-correction engine
  • 30 downloadable language dictionaries
  • Many incremental UX changes based on Nokia and Android Beta Labs feedback
  • Hundreds of bug fixes. Too many to list!

All S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3 devices are supported. Download Swype for Symbian 2.0 from Nokia Betalabs



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  1. Apart from the fact that you are now asked to confirm words before adding to the dictionary, I have noticed any other change (on Symbian^1)

    This singular change is a welcome development, though…

  2. Hey, could u stop telling me I’m on a windows 7 device cos I ain’t .. u freaking bot !

    LOL! That plugin is not as accurate as it should be. Fun to have it there still. What were you browsing on?

  3. I observed that also whenever I use UcBrowser 7.x to post comments. I think the problem comes from the app itself, not the website.

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