The Nokia E6 has already enjoyed some introduction to you in my previous post, Meet Nokia E6 running Symbian Anna. As I write this review,

Symbian Anna is Sweet and Sexy on The Nokia E6

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Nokia E6
The Nokia E6 has already enjoyed some introduction to you in my previous post, Meet Nokia E6 running Symbian Anna. As I write this review, I am missing the Nokia E6 already. In my opinion, it is a great device. I have less than 5 days before I return it to WOMWorld/Nokia. Please note that I am writing the “ungeek” version of a phone review. I am not writing from the view of an expert.

Why Do I say it is a great device?

Yes it is, but there are things I don’t like about it too. I am coming from a background of QWERTY keypads. I owned and used a Blackberry 9700 before moving to the Nokia E71 which is my current device before going out on a 2-week date with the sexy Nokia E6.

1. QWERTY and Touch screen
I find the QWERTY keypad sexy. In fact I have described it as the bum of a new born baby — soft and fresh. It begs you to touch it, unlike the Nokia E71 that is very hard to my thumb. I sometimes suffer from blisters using the Nokia E71 due to its toughness and hardness.

Key pad

I don’t have to hit on the QWERTY keys of the E6 all the time as there is an option to use the touch screen. The option and menu buttons are present onscreen on the E6. Unfortunately, when a call is coming in, I have to click on the physical answer button on the Keypad to answer the call. The option to answer calls using the touchscreen should be there.

2. The Native Browser
The Symbian Anna browser present on the E6 is much more advanced than the one on my Nokia E71. It allows me to view up to three web pages at a time. Not more than three. I can easily switch between the browsers without interrupting what I am currently working on. I can load a youtube video using the mobile version of Youtube.


Pinch to zoom is supported when viewing web pages using the native browser. There is however a limitation. Depending on how the web page you are viewing is adapted or created, you may zoom it to the point where the texts would flow away from your screen and it would not be automatically resized. That to me is a minus. I cannot be scrolling to and from to read a piece. I find myself using Opera Mini most of the time. Opera Mini gives me a better view of most web pages.

3. Internal memory (mass memory)
8GB storage, 256MB RAM and 1GB ROM. I have been downloading videos from Youtube via the PC and uploading it via Ovi Suite on the mass memory of the E6 and yet, I still have a whole 6Gb space left. There is the option to expand the memory with a microSD card of maximum memory of 32Gb. I am not sure I can quickly finish that. But for those who have huge need for storage, be my guest and get as much 32Gb MicroSD as you want. The 32Gb miscoSD was not included in the pack.

4. Calendar and Office documents
You have access to Quickoffice — MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel from the comfort of this tiny device. Part of this post was started in Microsoft Word and attached via mail using the Nokia E6 and then sent to my other email address. It came out as a full email document. This is the first time I would be trying out Office documents on a mobile phone.

The PDF document was however too tiny to read as you can see below. (screen shot one) To view it you will have to enlarge it and then the text will flow away from the screen making it difficult to read. Scrolling here and there to see the texts that have flowed out of the screen becomes a real pain. (screen shot again)

Viewing a PDF file - font too small

PDF file - zoomed in. Text not reflowed

5. Resolution and Pixel
By specification, the pixel count on the E6 display is 326 ppi. The display is very sharp. I was with a Nokia E7 this evening. I found out that the E6’s display was a lot sharper.

6. Size and portability
You can easily hold it in your hand; slot it in your pocket or your bag. It is very portable

7. Multimedia — Music, Movies, Photographs
Due to the large mass memory, there is room for you to store full length movies, musical videos and photographs. The 3.55mm AV out gives you quality sound. You can play your popular musicals — audio and video — and enjoy quality sound production.

8. Applications (Suggested applications that can heighten your experience of the Nokia E6)
My main excitement and thrill of the Nokia E6 was the availability of certain apps. The apps I enjoyed using and downloaded are –

– Whatsapp. For instant messaging and connecting with your friends and contacts on Symbian, Anroid, iOS and Blackberry
– Skype. It worked perfectly with the E6. I was able to make voice call with EDGE network with clarity.
– Gravity. As someone who uses Twitter extensively, I find the Social app pre-installed by Nokia to be grossly incompetent. It is clunky, slow and the UI sucks. To fix that, I use Gravity, an app developed by Jan Ole Sur, for Twitter, Foursquare and Google reader.
– fMobi. The Gravity app does not present me with an interesting view of Facebook, so I use fMobi. However, I am not a very good fan of Facebook.
– Other apps I installed are Nimbuzz and Operamini. Joikuspot—internet hotspot—was pre-installed. It is an app I have enjoyed using extensively too.

9. The User Interface
Symbian Anna is sooooo sexy. I handled a Nokia E7 running old Symbian^3 and I felt sad for those who are yet to get the Symbian Anna update.

10. Email and text messaging
The text messaging experience is sweet. You can easily reply text messages as if you are chatting by having all text messages stored as conversation. Unlike the Nokia E71, the text while reading and replying email are bigger.

11. Miscellaneous
The E6 has four home screens. I did not particularly find any need for that. I am fine with one or two. The third party applications are well integrated with the device. The only app I found challenging to use is the fMobi. It is full of features, but the 2.46” screen of the E6 makes it inconvenient to use the app and enjoy it. Apart from that every other thing is cool.

The E6 along with other devices is promised an update of belle in Q4 along with other devices. Let’s hope Nokia pushes it fast. Nokia has a reputation for delays.

What are the things I don’t like about the sexy Nokia E6?

– The Email delivery is not as fast as that of my Nokia E71
– The text can be very tiny and impossible to read when viewing some web pages that are not optimised for mobile. Especially since the screen is just 2.46”
– It gets stained easily by gathering dust
– It cannot shoot close up shots—your best bet would still be Nokia N8.

My final verdict

With that said, I would say if you are a business person or a multimedia user that does lots of messaging and with good eyesight, the Nokia E6 will make a good date.

Since I am doing just one review, feel free to comment and ask me any questions in the comment on anything that I may not have touched in details.


  1. tnx dear… Av never heard anything said about Nokia E5… Can it run d symbian anna n belle? Can U do a review on it? Tnx.

  2. @kaylese E5 is an S60v3 phone. It wouldnt get symbian anna. You can only get the symbian anna browser experience. Check menu>>control panel>> software update. The update size is around 16mb…

  3. guys help, i could not read my PDF and power-point documemts using d in built document readers on my NOKIA C7 after updating to symbian anna. What should i do pls…

  4. savvyjyde, go to the SoftWare Update app on your pbone and refresh it to get the latest updates. You will be shown three different update files. Download, install them & restart your phone.

  5. It’s a good phone, and I’m tempted. Especially because of the fabulous screen resolution (356 pixels per inch). Very high resolution, if I must comment. At this resolution; there is no pixelations whatever. Black is black and White is White.

    However, I’m still bothered about the small screen. 2.8 inches should be the minimum screen size when it comes to Touch-screen phones! Then the absolute Deal-Breaker is the fixed focus camera. That means you wouldn’t be able to take pictures in Macro-mode or scan documents Close-ups. What’s it with Nokia these Days! To intentionally cripple their Phones!! Perhaps is it still the Elop effect?

    Despite all these shortcomings, I just might give this Anna phone a bite!

  6. great phone made to wrestle the likes of galaxy pro, droid pro, xperia pro and the BBs…. well, don’t know if it can.

  7. Am still wondering if the average Nigerian will buy E6 at that price considering the BB options available. BB has d mindshare already…well time will tell lets see!

  8. AfewGoodMen >>

    2.8 inches should be the minimum screen size when it comes to Touch-screen phones

    Having used a 3.2′ touchscreen for a while, the minimum I would consider is 4′.

    I hope other device manufacturers emulate the Samsung example of numerous screen sizes. Something for everybody’s taste…

  9. Jesse, you didn’t hive a physical description of the E6!

    Is the SIM Card tray on the side or under the battery, at the back? I need to know urgently. Thanks!

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