I was here when UIQ died off. I was here when Palm went belly up. I was here during the fading away of Windows Mobile.

Symbian – Dying Gloriously?

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I was here when UIQ died off. I was here when Palm went belly up. I was here during the fading away of Windows Mobile. I witnessed it all.

I have seen mobile OSes die off, and in almost all cases, they simply fade away. Work grinds to a halt shortly after the announcements, as developers look elsewhere. New apps? Who wants to develop new apps for a platform whose death has been announced?

But this time, it is looking different. I have never seen a mobile OS die the way Symbian appears to be dying. Let me explain.

Everyday, new Symbian apps keep being released. I have two Symbian devices in my care and there is almost no end to the inflow of new apps into the Ovi Nokia Store. From games to professional apps, they just keep coming, and Qt is making those apps look good.

In recent times, I have downloaded and installed the following new apps – the official LinkedIn app, YouTube Downloader, Molome, SmtRevoda, Nokia Trailers, several variants of Angry Birds, Jump Monkey, RetroCosmos, Revolve, Revolver, kasvopus, GmailApps, Notes Wall, NinjaJoe Undercover, FavouriteApps, and just last night I downloaded a new 3rd party app MiniBrowser Mobile.

The above are those that fir into my personal preferences. Scores more have come in in recent times that I have totally ignored. Several of these new apps were developed in Qt, which is proving to be an awesome development platform.

This is the first time that a so-called dying OS is dying in grand style this way. Consider also that Symbian Anna is right around the corner 9and another major update after that), and this dying OS is only getting better and better.

It looks like Symbian is on its way out at its finest hour. Sad. But, if this is what dying is about, Lawd knows I want to die.

  1. Yes. A glorious death indeed. Laced with nostlagia. It would be really sad to me when and if Symbian actually Dies!

  2. I am very sure that when Nokia stops supporting Symbian, we will still have some developers devoted to the platform.

    Even in death, Symbian will be loved.

  3. i am caught in the crossfire!is there any android phone that has usb on the go&such a powerful camera as the N8.I have 70days left2buy an N8

  4. Jujukemist,

    There is no other phone with a camera as powerful as the N8’s. None whatsoever.

    However, the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II does has USB-on-the-go. Its 8 MP camera with LED flash however is left in the dust by the N8’s 12 MP camera with Xenon flash.

    Your choice.

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