While official support for Symbian may have been shut down, enthusiasts around the world are not giving up yet. Being an Open Source software, some

Symbian Enthusiasts Petition For Release Of Source Code

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While official support for Symbian may have been shut down, enthusiasts around the world are not giving up yet. Being an Open Source software, some enthusiasts have launched a petition for the source code and the latest development builds to be made publicly available so anyone who wants to work on it, improve it, or use it, can do so.

It is obvious that Microsoft is not predisposed to having Symbian still breathing and alive somewhere. Enthusiasts have been known to take a piece of software and start a revolution with it. Think of CyanogenMOD for Android. Still, I doubt that Symbian OS in the wild can ever be a serious threat to Windows Phone. I would love to see Symbian kept alive via enthusiast development. We could see one or two interesting things, no matter how small scale, come out of it.

So, yes; I signed the petition. If you are a Symbian OS fan and would love to do same, hit the link below.

Sign the petition: Nokia Corporation & Microsoft Corporation: Release Symbian Source Code & Make It Open Source & Release latest update builds


  1. I think there are better things out there to do than wasting effort on a dead platform. The devices that run this platform will soon fizzle out of the market and better devices and better features operating system are still emerging and this effort should be channelled to those platforms that have better chance of survival that constantly clamouring for an operating system that doesn’t even have a hardware manufacturer supporting it.

  2. Harry,

    From a very narrow viewpoint, it might look like a waste of time. From the perspectives of enthusiasts and collectors, it isn’t. Ever heard of vintage, antique and classic cars? Similar concept. People are perfectly free to invest their time and resources in anything that catches their fancy regardless of how dead that thing may be to the mainstream.

    You are done with Symbian. Awesome. Let those who desire to continue to enjoy the platform do so.

  3. Cyanogen Inc may want to consider breathing new life into Symbian.

    they do it for Android, why not other OSes, even the ‘dead’?

    after all, Necromancy is still a thriving art…

  4. I am not into Custom ROMs and such paparazzmatazz on Android, but I understand the difference to the Stock ROM cam be major.

    This, a crusty piece of code can have serious life ventilated into it.

    Harry, Renember how Opera Mini Mod was sooooo much better than the official one?

    Apart from the comparative UI deficiencies, symbian was a solid piece of work

    Boiling on it may not be such a waste if the commitment is strong enough.

    There are areas where it still trumps the current OS kids on the block.

    There is no predicting what can happen to a piece of code when Enthusiasts set to work on it.

    Who knows, we could have a Renaissance.

    Stranger things have happened in the past…

  5. Yeah, there is some merits but the problem is that soon, the won’t be any hardware to keep playing with this thing no matter how good it becomes but then Mr. Mo mentioned the fun of just hacking, maybe that’s enough reason.

    The bottom line is that whatever they come up with can only be enjoyed on a couple of devices that have limited lifetime going forward. Imagine working on the original Microsoft does outside Microsoft to make it better when theirs Windows, Linux and Mac OSX with better features and hardware supports. Still, it is their choice up decide on what they want to do.

  6. hi all,
    I sign the petition more than a week ago. Let us wait and see what happens to our lovely symbian os. Beside i am still comfortable with the os

  7. Why couple of devices??? If the Symbian OS is made open source and enhanced, phone manufacturers can make phones for this OS just like they have for Android. Later this Symbian OS can become equally powerful ( if not more) like Android when the enthusiasts set to work on it

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