Don’t you just love your Nokia smartphone? I love mine. With all the talk going around about how awesome Blackberry, iPhone and Android phones are,

Symbian isn’t dead to me – at least not yet

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nokia e721Don’t you just love your Nokia smartphone? I love mine. With all the talk going around about how awesome Blackberry, iPhone and Android phones are, the Nokia Symbian Series 60 phones e.g. Nokia E71, E72, E5, E65, are winners always, even till now.

If you do not have a nokia series 60 phone now, you should go ahead and pick one now. Why? Read on. I am using nokia E71 as my case study.

The main reason I am writing this article is to help mobile phone users see that they may not need to spend so much on a smartphone if their budget is very low.

This is especially true with start-ups and small businesses. Why would you rather get a data gobbling device or an expensive device if a lowly Nokia Series 60 phone can get the job done?

For the tech junkie this might sound very boring. But, on a second thought, won’t you be doing yourself a great favour if you save some cash for other stuffs?

I am recommending the Nokia S60 for the following reasons:

  1. Nokia S60 devices do multitasking well. You can work with some other applications while the previous one is still running.
  2. You can expand the memory card and store more apps, music and some other files.
  3. Messaging. You have Nokia messaging. It pushes your email directly to your phone. I have my Yahoo email and my Google email set up, and they do not disappoint.
  4. More Messaging. Plus, if you want to do SMS-stylemessaging across platforms, you can install a third party app called Whatsapp to message with iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other Nokia users.
  5. This is Africa and Nigeria. You know we have power supply problems. The Nokia E65, E5, E71, E72 (all S60) do not consume as much power as most competing products, plus you can get an extra battery for it if you care.
  6. If you are a social media junkie like me, knock yourself over with Nimbuzz and Snaptu app. With Nimbuzz, you have access to instant messaging (Yahoo, Gtalk, Windows Live, etc), Twitter, and VOIP calls too. Snaptu allows you to connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and some more. Snaptu has its own app store embedded with it.
  7. You can go ahead and include Opera Mini and Opera Mobile in the list of available 3rd party apps that add value to your smartphones. With this, you can do almost everything you do on the web. I stream Youtube video with my Nokia E71 powered by Airtel’s 2G/EDGE network. Its streams well using the pre-installed Real player app.
  8. I also read my popular blogs and sites with RSS reader via Snaptu app. It is easy and fun. When I see great contents that need to be shared to Facebook or Twitter, I share directly from the RSS reader.

All the above are available at the fraction of the cost of devices from other platforms. S60 devices are great at saving cost and maximizing benefits.

Go ahead, enjoy your Symbian S60 device. If you pick up a new one for yourself, you are not making a wrong choice. I am still rocking my Nokia E71, a typical Symbian S60 device.

What cool stuff have you done with your Nokia Series 60 device of late?

Which of these points I shared would you be trying?

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  1. Whether you like it or not. Symbian will be dead eventually. Nokia is going to embrace windows phone 7 as it’s Primary Operating System. Symbian will be relegated and perhaps eventually killed off. That is just the cold simple truth.

  2. Not to worry. We all must die one day that does not mean we should run away from living our lives to the fullest extent. Same goes for symbian. Its one OS I find difficult to leave. Lets all take the full advantage of symbian’s versatility, economy, and ease of use and use our symbian maximally. Dying or not, this is one OS that takes your pocket into consideration. There is no app you get in other OS’s’ that you cannot get cheaper on nokia and here, being cheap does not translate to being inferior.

  3. @Afewgoodmen; @d3vnull ::

    Eventually symbian MAY be faced out. But while the support for it is still on & its still functional and valuable let’s keep enjoying the value.

    Isn’t it interesting how symbian s60 still get the job done for many of us?

    Rock on your symbian biko!

  4. Dead or Alive, Symbian will always be remembered and cherished.

    I bought a Nokia E61i in Aug 2007 and I sold it in January 2011, most importantly the guy I sold it to is using the phone without any issue.

  5. I’m using an E71 too, and it foots the bill, I just discovered the built in typing aid, previously i’ve been experimenting with QuickWrite and Velocity, these fell short of the requirements although adaptxt di the job adequately as long as u disable the autocorrect feature but the nokia built in autocorrect feature is totally on point..makes text editing on my E71 a bliss…thanks Nokia

  6. Thats it bout symbian…nokia e5 cost far less than bold 2..and it still has better specs..its cheap and readily available..that matters to the average Nigerians! Its d geeks like you guys that know if symbian is dead or alive…they are still so many nigerians using feature phones and dreaming on how to get their first symbian smartphone!

  7. Symbian dying or being phased out doesn’t mean Nokia is dying.

    The decision to kill Symbian did not come easy to Elop, Nokia’s CEO. IN AN open letter to Nokia’s Employees; he compared Nokia to a burning Ship. And that drastic measures needed to be taken to revive the dying Nokia brand. The decisions taken were hard. Though some if us did not see the justifiication of essence of the new Nokia Roadmap, we had to face reality.

    First of all, you cAnnot be more CathOlic than the pope. If the CEO WAS ABLE to convince Nokia’s shareholders and pilot Nokia’s business at a profit who are we to complain?

    So Please bring me Symbian ^3 updates. Or better still a brand new Nokia Windows phone 7 phone and you’ll make a fan out of me!

  8. Very good points by Afewgoodmen.

    And for those crying that Symbian is dead or under euthanasia, it is looking like this will be the longest death process for any mobile OS. I will not be surprised if Symbian is still around and actively supported for another 5 years. Its too loved and too ingrained in certain places.

    I’m looking forward to my first Nokia Windows Phone, but Symbian will put up a darned good fight even in its dying days – if it dies at all. That in itself speaks volumes.

  9. Wow! So there isn’t 1 person that still supports symbian on this site. And i thought nokia had fans in nigeria.
    As far as i’m concerned, the only problem symbian has is its transition to touchscreen. Nokia was late in entering the touchscreen market and when they finaly came out with the 5800 xm, the s60v5 ui that it came with was truly woeful. It seemed like they had completely forgotten that they were designing for touchscreen. Everything still felt so keypadish. The homescreen was exactly like that of s60v3, there was no kinetic scrolling, it still retained the two softkeys at the bottom of the screen no pinch to zoom, none of those nice transitions and effects we usually see on the iphone, NOTHING.And it had hundreds of bugs too All these combined with the miserly amounts of ram and low praccessor speeds made the s60v5 platforrm a disaster. The symbian foundation prides itself as being the most resource efficient os but what’s the use of that when i can’t open more than 4 apps without the phone slowing to a crawl, all of the applications closing by themselves mysteriously or the phone just crashing and rebooting itself. Yes, I know smaller processors probably mean cheaper phones(the 5230 is the cheapest touchscreen on the market) but at what cost? It’s like Pyrrhic victory.I loved my n81(still do)but n97 is a mess. In time, updates were released to fix these problems even though they never really went away, but symbian^3 was a very significant improvement. It seemed like symbian was picking itselff up and getting back on track. I thought maybe it just needed a little time to get back into the race, but unfortunately, mr. Flop didn’t think so. Sorry Elop. On the other hand, android which just started in 2008, and iOS have always been made for touchscreen right from the beginning and never had to face the challenge of moving from keypad to touch. Most android phones also, pack all the power they can get (but at a price premium). The lg optimus 2x even has a dual core processor and a 1gb ram compared to the n8’s 600mhz cpu and 256 ram. I’m not going to talk about iOS, we have beef. About symbian dying, I think it was being revived until some dude came and sat on top of it. I don’t understand why someone would ditch symbian and for windows of all OSes. Windows mobile was the one that was already dead and buried, in fact cremated and now they’re trying to wake it up by calling it windows phonee 7, symbian was still in a coma. If there was any os that could go up aagainst the android os it would be maemo/meego. I think his name should really be Stephen Flop. Even the t9 on his own nokia phone inputs flop

  10. Sir Tobinson,

    I find your conclusion about Symbian odd. How did you arrive at the conclusion that there isn’t one person on this site who still supports Symbian? Seriously. Those who have hung around for a while will probably swear that this site has an overwhelming number of Symbian fans.

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