Every regular here on Mobility knows that the user known as EyeBeeKay was the last man standing on the Symbian platform. His die-hard posturing and

Symbian loses the last man standing?

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Every regular here on Mobility knows that the user known as EyeBeeKay was the last man standing on the Symbian platform. His die-hard posturing and obsession with Symbian has earned him the spotlight again and again on this blog.

He has held on tenaciously to his aging Symbian S60 5th Edition Nokia 5800 and sworn a couple of times to go to the grave clutching it. Okay, I made up that last part, but you do get that feeling reading EyeBeeKay’s comments in defence of his 5800.

As such, it came as a shock when earlier today, EyeBeeKay posted a comment using an Android device. A little bird whispered to me that the device in question is a Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro. Of course, I will not stake my life on that information.

God forbid that EyeBeeKay actually used an Android device – and one with a QWERTY keyboard too. Still, here’s the link to EyeBeeKay’s Android comment.

But just in case this really happened, is this the beginning of the end? Is Symbian losing its last man standing?

  1. Hmmm. Errrr ngbati ngbat.

    it came as a shock whenearlier today, EyeBeeKay posted a comment using an Android device

    ‘UserAgents ‘ have been knowm to be rigged oooo…

    At least glendaBOT can now continue ITs robotic life with some tranquility!

  2. Saw it comimg. For weeks, eyebeekay has been using this phrase “if anything is going to finally convert me to android”……………..plus hez been strangely defensive of android.

  3. He knows for a very long time that the platform was seriously burning, but as a man you dont run away when your house is on fire. you do something, try your best to quench it, and that he did. unfortunately, the fire is unquenchable and in a situation like that, you let go for good, at least to save your precious life.
    @Eye-Bee-Kay, I admire your courage and determination, but a little bit disappointed that you refused to hint some us still with S60 who always look up to your S60V5 to say -“at least we are not alone”. just say water don pass garri or parade don change and we will understand. Congrat bro, @Mister Mo, Symbian is truly dead but not yet buried.

  4. I had to refresh my browser just to be sure the web page rendered properly. Eye.bee.kay using an android device? Indeed anyone can be converted. 😀

  5. It happens. surely, Eye.Bee.Kay cannot be more committed to Symbian than the people at Nokia no matter how hard him may try. Eye.Bee.Kay’s problem is that of indoctrination, a little bit of overzealousness and some misinformation concerning the Android platform.

    When he starts singing the praise of Android, it would be from experience having tried both sides. Please guys, don’t you mind his shyness. Having joined in persecution of the Android platform, it is not easy at coming to the open to accept his ignorance.

    Unfortunately for him, this is like pregnancy and he can only keep it secret for a while and then it would become very obvious to everyone, that is if it is true after all for I am also finding it a little difficult to believe. Maybe, he is just trying to tease guys by posting with Android device.

  6. oga Mo perhaps you are in a dream world.And Eyebeekay may prefer you dont wake up to the reality that there are no permanent hardset disposition.
    Eyebeekay must however be commended for being a Believer
    Least I forget congratulations, for your new marriage with the lady android,though shes such a young one at 23!

  7. Eye.be.kay did not get an Android. He’s just teasing us. We both agreed to stay with Symbian to the last. Still clinging on to my Nokia N8 too. Isn’t that so eye.be.kay?

  8. Okay, my eyes popped at this post. Eyebeekay ke? So even he can’t stay faithful to his old frail 5800 (which I admittedly prayed wud be stolen).
    Glenda would have a field day when he comes outta d closet *lmao*

  9. I am still clinging faithfully to my N8 as my primary phone, and I will most likely buy the pure view. It’s just that since I got my galaxy tab, I hardly browse on it anymore, so I make all my posts from the tablet (which by the way, has never been recognized on this forum as an Android).

  10. i refuse to believe symbian is dead heck i just got the 701 and seriously its super duper amazing

  11. Jesse,

    You both agreed to stay with Symbian to the last – and here you are posting a comment with an iOS device? Yeah; seen.

  12. Pharmtasy,

    You seem to know hOw it is. I use my N8 as hotspot sometimes. My main hotspot is a mifi. The truth is, I find it more fun typing on the iPod than typing on the N8. The iPod has a better browser; Safari and Dolphin HD. Symbian is breathing its last breathe and we are standing by it. Aye!!!

    On the N8, email is better, photographs, podcast, Whatsapp etc.

  13. @eye.bee.kay we all know you’ve been faithful to your wife (symbian) and you got carried away by the beauty of Miss Android which made you cheat on her although, you never meant to.

    Either way, you’ve been loyal to your 5800. I’m also thinking of ditching my 5230 for an Android device.

  14. Symbian still does the job for me so i’m sticking with it for now. Maybe when our networks offer better data plans I’ll join the Android club

  15. Olusheenor,

    Good show! The idea is for each person to use whatever works for them. Symbian still works for me too, though I don’t have one at this time.


  16. All this while eye.Bee.Kay has been giving conditions up on which he will be moving on to android, i Knew this will happen some day. Dont mind them ja re eye.bee.kay, feel free to flaunt your
    ANDROID device.

  17. Really funny. I was one the folks hoping to donate money for EyeBeeKay to buy a Galaxy S II. He beats us to the punch. It is a great thing. Though

    But I’d still love to thank Glenda for the indefatigable fit of convincing EBK to look beyond the 5800. I just wonder whether she’ll still be attacking EBK, or if they’ll mend fence and carry on!

    Let’s see where this all leads to. Let’s see if EBK’s new found passion for Android would be as strong as that for his retired 5800. But I dare suspect that EBK may also be toying with another Nokia device. Maybe a Nokia Belle. 🙂

  18. I wonder why Nokia just didn’t see this….

    There is currently no other OS that can give you what you are used to on Symbian except Android.

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