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See, I know that many of you who know Symbian OS are tired of hearing the name, after all it was phased out a few years ago. Of course, some of you reading this have no idea what Symbian is (or was). Quick history: it was once the dominant smartphone operating system on the planet.

Anyway, in 2011, work on Symbian OS was stopped and in 2014, no new Symbian apps were accepted in the store. That was a few months after the last Symbian smartphone was shipped.

Now, here is the interesting bit: despite its being effectively dead for so long, Symbian OS still generates more ad revenue than Windows Phone. At least, that is what statistics from Opera MediaWorks say. At 3.99%, Symbian still generates 25 times what Windows Phone generates at 0.16%. To spice things up, the stats say that Symbian gets more ad traffic than both Windows Phone and BlackBerry put together. Oh, sugar.

Note that the stats are from one ad network only, so they may not be representative of the full picture. Inconclusive, but interesting.

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Yes; none of this changes the fact that Symbian is history (in as much as I miss it), or that I love my Lumia.

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