With the Android wave hitting the shores of so many countries worldwide, it is easy to say that the same goes for Nigeria but that

Symbian still lives on in Nigeria

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With the Android wave hitting the shores of so many countries worldwide, it is easy to say that the same goes for Nigeria but that is not true. Symbian, the former number OS still exists in almost all it’s form factors in Nigeria.

Each time i am in transit, i always see on an average about two Symbian devices and on the streets the numbers triple. We may have all the Fanboy arguments about Lumias and Pureviews and JellyBean but the truth is that the supposed “dead” OS still acts as the daily driver for thousands of Nigerians.

I used to use a Symbian powered Nokia 5230 about two years ago and i must tell you that as my first smartphone it performed it’s job very well. I even used to flash custom ROMs onto it and edit the appearance to look like the just announced Symbian ^3 devices of those days.

Today i still see Symbian devices as old as the Nokia N70 in the hands of people and they are very satisfied with it. Upon how popular Android is, i can attempt to count the amount of times that i have seen it in public.

Symbian devices permeate virtually all works of life in Nigeria. The Nokia 808 Pureview that was recently launched in Lagos is perhaps the last hurrah for new Symbian models in Nigeria but know that existing Symbian devices are everywhere!


  1. If Eye.Bee.Kay with his knowledge of mobile platforms took that long to jettison his aging 5800 XM amid cajoling and twitting, you can imagine the amount of effort that would be required to get those guys to drop their old Nokia phones if they are still in good working condition.

    The old Symbian devices would still be around for a while but are speedily disappearing in stores.

  2. I still got my E71 and i aint dropping it anytime soon, the S2 is for entertainment while the E71 remains the workhouse, typing on the E71 excellent hardware keyboard runs laps around the touchscreen QWERTY

  3. this is true, I remember doing a bit of research and found out symbian is still the most used smartphone in Nigeria, but the downward slide may see it lose that spot by Q1 2013.

  4. typing on the
    E71 excellent hardware
    keyboard runs laps around
    the touchscreen QWERTY


    Great thing I am now born_again..lol

  5. Symbian still does it for me. My Nokia 5250 is running superb to me especially after flashing it to N97 mini (custom firmware)
    The thing is, everyone wants to upgrade!
    Symbian is actually not dead; If it is, All these newly rolled out apps everyday won’t be there.
    Symbian is still alive, only that it’s not fit for the competition on ground.

  6. I still have the old Nokia 5800.decidedly raggedly, but still alive after four years off intense use.

    Would I buy another Symbian Phone? Well – would you drive a Volkswagen Beetle after experiencing a Touareg V8?

  7. Good old symbian never die. We all had symbian devices at a point in time. We used and enjoyed them at that time. But with present day demands for some of us… The other platforms will work better.

  8. Symbian will survive in Nigeria, the African continent, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America and Europe. There are lots of people who don’t want a smartphone and are still using Symbian phones or similar.

    From Symbian, to Nokia Belle, and now Series 40. The latter exists for a reason, because not everyone will ever be able to afford a smartphone nor want one. Even if it didn’t exist, the folk at Samsung, Tecno, Huawei etc are always willing to step into the breach to give consumers what they want.

  9. I used a Nokia E72 until earlier this year- February. I loved it (and I still call the person I sold it to ensure she is still in good order). Still, love my combination of BB 9700 (BB 10 oya na) and Android Samsung YP-G70

  10. I use a symbian Belle device. really cool device and Belle is a great OS. Does everything I wanna do easily. What I like about Nokia is the value for money. No other phone has the specs Nokia 603 has for that price. That’s the Nokia advantage and if windows 8 can share files over Bluetooth, I am sold!!! may skip Android and get a Lumia!!!! If it’s available in naija though

  11. after almost 18 months of heavy use, I gave away my darling N8. And I miss it everyday. For several vital reasons, most of all that amazing camera! *sobs*

    As it is, if I can find a fairly used Nokia 808 Pureview, I would quickly buy and add it to my collection.

  12. Proud owner of Nokia 808 Pureview.
    It drives my day to day work load.
    Two things I enjoy on Nokia 808 Pureview that am getting just to day by day not on other OS flagship devices are FM transmitter and the Super camera. I hope Nokia puts FM transmitter in WP soon and its good PureView is kind of coming to WP.
    One thing I think of everyday is that which OS will I go to after this.
    I certainly cant use an iPhone as my day to day phone so I have to choose between Samsung Android and Nokia WP. Anyway, I have enough time to decide cos am not upgrading any time soon.

  13. I think BB smartphones are gradually catching up with Nokia…that’s if they haven’t displaced Nokia already. Cos when I look all around me, all I see are BB users. The popularity can be attributed to 2 things: BBM and cheap, affordable BB subscriptions. I heard the number of BBP users recently hit the 2.4million mark. Even though I’m not an admirer of BBP, I think in Nigeria today, it’ll be a good idea to get one.

    I’m dropping my E90 for a Bold 4 or Curve 3 (that’s how far I can go with BBP). Nokia s.phones and BBP have lost their dominance to Apple’s iPhone and Android phones in some countries. If they don’t act fast, they could lose Nigeria cos we are getting more phone oriented. Really, I wouldn’t mind an iPhone or an Android phone.

  14. Please I want to buy a nokia808 pureview fairly used or not.i resides in portharcourt please is urgent

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