Our own regular here, Lord Banks, has put up a rejoinder to Ibukun Olaoya’s recent article, Why I Have Refused To Jump Off Symbian. The

Symbian – The User Experience And The Apps

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Our own regular here, Lord Banks, has put up a rejoinder to Ibukun Olaoya’s recent article, Why I Have Refused To Jump Off Symbian. The rejoinder, titled Symbian Will Die – Long Live The User Experience, is a well written piece that addresses issues I also had with a number of EyeBeeKay’s reasons.

Here are the key points:

  1. The quality of the user experience should never be dependent on the user’s willingness to customise it
  2. Normal people generally don’t enjoy spending lots of time under the hood of their cars (or in this case, smartphones), messing around with the innards
  3. Symbian has AIDS – Apps Incentive Deficiency Syndrome

I pointed out some of these issues in response to EyeBeeKay earlier. For example, the need to customise the user experience in order for it to be acceptable has been taken care of in Nokia Belle. Belle is a complete transformation into a modern user experience.

If you have used a Symbian device in the last three years, I recommend that you pick up and use a Nokia Belle device for a few weeks to see how good it really is. If you haven’t used Belle, any comments that you make about the Symbian user experience are likely to be 99.9% outdated and no more valid.

This is part of why it is my position that Nokia needs to stop putting outdated Symbian software in new devices. If users keep running into older, less-supported software (S60 3rd Edition & S60 5th Edition) on their smartphones, it is counter-productive to the experience of the different beast that Belle is.

Like I said to Ibukun, he needs to throw away that S60 5th Edition Nokia 5800 and get himself one of the new Belle devices.

However, I am not sure that much can be done about the Apps Incentive Deficiency Syndrome at this point. Belle seems to be coming after many developers had decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble anymore.

New apps are showing up for Belle on a regular basis, but not at a fantastic rate or anything comparable to what obtains on iOS and Android. If Nokia are able to somehow turn the tides on developer churn, then there is a fighting chance for Belle.

In the meantime, you will want to read Lord Bank’s complete article: Symbian Will Die – Long Live The User Experience


  1. Yeah, me have read the complete article. And I guess say the article was beautifully written.

    I also agree with Mister Mobility about the Symbian series 60 palaver. It is truly outdated and Nokia needs to STOP churning out new devices based on it! One of my GREATEST problem with Series 60 was the “insufficient memory” issue it always brings up when you are working on some tasks! Most times in this instance, it requires you to delete some files/apps without being “intelligently” dexterous in managing the “memory” issues. This problem is quite exasperating to say the least. That is why I have called to question on this blog the quintessential CLAIM of Symbian’s “Resource Efficiency”. And that’s always to the chagrin of Mr. Mobility.

    That said, however, since I got me a Symbian Belle device, things have been very very different! I have never gotten a “low memory” issue with my E6. Or an “insufficient Memory to perform task, please delete…” I should tell you all from first hand experience that the E6 running on Symbian ^3 (Anna) is quite resource efficient! The user interface is much more refined and intuitive when compared to Series 60. But then it still has some mountain to climb if you match it to iOS or Android’s UX for instance! And by the way, from what I’ve reckoned on the web, Belle is better than Anna in UX! But to what degree I couldn’t say for lack of a hands on!

    So I’m with Mr. Mobility totally on this one! If you’ve not used a Symbian Belle device, please do not criticise like one of those Pharisees from Binilcal times! If you do, then your criticism wouldn’t be constructive. But even then, Belle still suffers from the recently categorised apps deficiency syndrome. That’s an ailment that would be difficult for Nokia to manage even with the best “Medical Resources”. Even Worse, Nokia has jettisoned Symbian putting the last straw on the back of an overburdened proverbial donkey. So there’s no hope whatsoever. Just a matter of time and it will be no more. Though Nokia half-heatedly informed that they’ll contine support for Synbian through 2014? Can’t say how that would help, considering that Windows Phone is the darling of their heart!

    To end this tirade, perhaps we should now appeal to Eye.Bee.Kay to at least consider a Symbian ^3 device even if the robot and Fruit doesn’t go well with his taste.

  2. Like I said to Ibukun, he needs to throw away that S60 5th Edition Nokia 5800 and get himself one of the new Belle devices.

    I don’t think that is such a friendly advice considering the number of available apps, for Symbian Belle so far, and particularly the ones that would serve his needs.

    By the way, he had always stated that OS core functions and competed is more important to him than fancy UI and better UX. And he did claim to have taken care of all these lapses anyway.

    My people say that he who gives a counterfeit money to the inlaw has not really spent it.

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