How to sync your Google Contacts and Calendar on Windows Phone 8.1

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Windows Phone supports synchronisation of Google email, contacts and calendar. Here are the steps to setup your Google account and have your contacts and calendar synchronised along with your Gmail:

  1. Go to Settings on your phone
  2. Click on email + accounts
  3. Click ‘add an account’
  4. From the list of available email options, select ‘Google’
  5. On the next page telling you about taking you to Google to authorize Windows Phone to your Google account, click ‘connect’
  6. On the Google sign in page, enter your Google email and password
  7. Click ‘accept’ to give Windows Phone access to your Google account

WP - Google contacts calendar

Your Google account gets set up after that last step and your Gmail, contacts and calendar get synchronised to your device. You can give it a unique name. After completing its first sync, you can also modify what it syncs and how often it syncs it.

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