T-Mobile “Binge On” lets you stream video for free without using your data

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This sounds unbelievable, but T-mobile has announced that its new “Binge On” package lets you stream all you want for FREE without using your data. In other words, a subscriber can take up a 6GB data plan and stream video endlessly and none of the streaming will be deducted from the 6GB allocation. The included apps are Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu and ESPN, among others.

T-mobile Binge On

T-mobile’s CEO says the company isn’t be paid to offer this and welcome other video streaming services to come on board – including porn services. Did we say Utopia is here?


  1. T-Mobile is one amongst many, and not even the largest operator globally, so it’s far from Utopian.

  2. this is nice but i think it’s not sustainable. T Mobile has been aggressively trying to increase it’s market share. the “Uncarrier” that saw them remove contract fees & pay ETFs for subscribers switching from contracts with other carriers, free texts and incoming calls while roaming, free music streaming and now this. strikes me as something that’s not maintainable in the long run

  3. plus if music and video streaming are basically free, why would you need 6 GB? T Mo are basically trying to get people to buy data they normally wouldn’t buy

  4. I like the aggression and dynamism T-mobile’s CEO John Legere brings to the American market,they may not be the largest network but are certainly not afraid to headline some industry changes which has forced the big boys AT&T and Verizon to toe similar lines to the benefit of the consumers,whether such is sustainable at the long run is another issue,at least they’re not afraid of trying something different..

  5. just to add that BingeOn video is “optimised for mobile” ie the videos are usually compressed to lower resolution (mostly 480p/DVD) so there’s no way to get HD video through this setup and that basically removes screencast video as an option

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